Who Was Tonya Hughes Tadlock? Sharon Marshall? Suzanne Davis?

Her headstone reads only “Tonya” even though that isn’t really her name.

Only one man knows her true identity.

The man who took her; the man she called “Daddy.”

Franklin Delano Floyd, a.k.a. Daddy, most likely abducted this unidentified woman when she was just a small girl. How old? No one knows, but it was undoubtedly before she was able to form any long term memory of life before him.

Whether she was abducted or given away, we may never know but what we do know is that Tonya’s nightmare began before Adam Walsh’s and Etan Patz’s parents made the voices of missing children heard loud and clear.

While statistical data is limited to what Floyd was willing to share (which is falsified, I’m sure), according to those who knew her personally, Tonya was an extremely beautiful, very intelligent, ambitious girl who excelled in school and dreamed of working for NASA.

Yet, it was these very characteristics which kept the abuse she suffered a secret.

There is a stigma attached to abused children that says, typically, they suffer behavioral problems and stuggle academically. Neither of which applied to Sharon.

So she fell through the cracks.

And even today, in a world of intense media, she continues to fall through cracks.

Because her story is so seldom shared.

You won’t see her story on 48 Hours Mystery, Dateline, or 20/20. Why? I don’t know. I can only assume it is because hers is a story that cannot be told in a tidy 60 minute segment. Or maybe it’s because the story is antiquated.

Yet Tonya’s is a story that should be told. Must be told.

By telling her story, maybe her identity would finally be known. A family could have closure.

A Beautiful Child by Matt BirkbeckAnd Floyd would lose the last bit of control over her he seems intent to hold on to. As long as only he knows her identity, he “owns” her.

I don’t know about you, but I want to take that away from him. As they put the needle in his arm, I want him to know he has NOTHING.

Tonya Dawn Tadlock’s, a.k.a. Sharon Marshall’s, a.k.a. Suzanne Davis’ story has touched me in ways I could never imagine. I will always remember this young woman who never had a real childhood. It wasn’t one filled with only hardships and abuse but one that undoubtedly with a void, not having ever known who she really was.

I hope this beautiful woman’s soul is at peace; she deserves it after living a hell on earth. But can one ever truly be at peace until they know who they are?

Please share this others. If the big dog media doesn’t share it, then we, as people who care, can pass along her story.

Someone, somewhere knows. A cousin, an aunt, a grandmother, a father. Somebody has heard the tales of a missing child in their family.

Somebody, somewhere can lay the mystery of Tonya / Sharon Marshall to rest.

Sharon’s Known Aliases: Sharon Marshall, Suzanne Davis, Tonya Dawn Tadlock, and Tonya Hughes

Franklin Delano Floyd’s (real name) Known Aliases: Warren Judson Marshall, Clarence Marcus Hughes, Charles Hughes, Trenton Davis, Preston Morgan, and Kingfish Floyd.

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3 Responses to “Who Was Tonya Hughes Tadlock? Sharon Marshall? Suzanne Davis?”

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  2. Melanie says:

    This one will always get to me. Why this beautiful child has never been claimed and/or properly identified is beyond me.

    • Kim Cantrell says:

      That stumps me too, Melanie. I think if she was in a missing person’s database, she would have been matched by now. I’ve often wondered if she was sold by her mother or maybe Mom was a prostitute and Floyd killed her, took her child and no one was really aware of the little girl. So many possibilities but not ones I really want to think about. Know what I mean?

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