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Evidence of the Love by John Bloom and Jim Atkinson

Evidence of Love by John Bloom and Jim Atkinson (1984)

It was 1979. Candy Montgomery was a wife, a full time mother to two young children, and very active in the Lucas, Texas Methodist church. But she was bored. Feeling that her marriage to Pat Montgomery was the source of her boredom, Candy went looking ...
Driven to Kill by Cliff Linedecker

Driven to Kill: The Clara Harris Story by Clifford L. Linedecker (July 2003)

Last August, I swore off ever reading another Clifford Linedecker book again. But I screwed up. I started reading his 2003 Driven To Kill: The Clara Harris Story before I noticed the author. If you haven’t heard of Clara Harris, the Texas woman ...
Smooth Operator by Clifford Linedecker

Smooth Operator: The True Story of Seductive Serial Killer Glen Rogers by Clifford Linedecker (December 1997)

Glen Rogers was born in Kentucky but grew up in Hamilton, Ohio. At the age of 19, he learned his 14-year-old girlfriend was pregnant. Following a postponed shotgun wedding, he loaded his wife and kid up and headed out to California. And for the next ...
Cold Kill by Jack olsen

Cold Kill by Jack Olsen (November 1988)

Ex-marine David West was from a fine old Texas family.  So was Cindy Campbell Ray. David thought they were in love.  He thought he was avenging her honor when they both donned grotesque battle gear and crept into her luxurious Houston home – ...
Descent Into Hell by Kathryn Casey

A Descent Into Hell: The True Story of an Altar Boy, a Cheerleader, and a Twisted Texas Murder by Kathryn Casey

In their earlier years, Jennifer Rae Cave and Colton Aaron Pitonyak had been relatively good kids; a high school cheerleader and an alter boy respectively, but that life was long over. Now life revolved around the next high. And college, sometimes. As ...
Cruel Deception by Gregg Olsen

Cruel Deception: A Mother’s Deadly Game, a Prosecutor’s Crusade for Justice by Gregg Olsen (March 2005)

Tanya Thaxton Reid grew up in the small town of Dumas, Texas. Her childhood was like any average American girl; loving parents, strong religious ties, and school filling up three-fourths of the year. But something dark lurked in this young woman, something ...
No Daddy Don't by Irene Pence

No, Daddy, Don’t!: A Fathers Murderous Act of Revenge by Irene Pence (July 2003)

For years Mary Jean Pearle had taken John Battaglia‘s verbal and emotional abuse but when things took a physical turn she knew it was time to get out. She knew her husband wouldn’t take the news well but she knew this marriage was no longer ...
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