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5 American Black Widows: Women Who Married and Murdered for Money

Betty Lou Beets
The secondary definition for a black widow in the Urban Dictionary is “a disingenuous woman who exploits her position in a relationship to the detriment of her partner.” Black widow women are as much predators as the serial rapists and killers. They are chameleons of society with their nice looks and charismatic personalities. But unlike the “serials,” these women make a promise...

The Confessions of an American Black Widow : A True Story of Greed, Lust and a Murderous Wife by Gregg Olsen (June 1998)

Confessions of an American Black Widow
The woman who became Sharon Lynn Fuller Douglas Nelson Harrelson grew up in a conservative and very religious household. So much so that the wild side of Sharon felt smothered. She had to get out. And for a young girl in that era, the only way out was by marriage. But Sharon didn’t just get married. She married and remarried. And she didn’t marry her husbands for love, but as a means to...