Too Young To Kill by M. William Phelps (August 2011)

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August 2011
Pinnacle True Crime

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On August 3, 2011
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So much heartbreak, so much to learn. You've gotta read this one!

Too Young To Kill by M. William Phelps
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Adrianne Reynolds had been passed around all her life. From a teenage mother who gave her up, an adoptive grandmother/mother, to her adopted Dad. She never developed any real roots.

And just as things without grounding will do, Adrianne simply drifted through life. When she moved in with her Dad, Tony Reynolds in East Moline, Illinois, she tried to find a foothold. To make friends. To fit in.

Since life hadn’t been kind to her and her life choices exhibited such, she wasn’t a candidate for the jocks or the preps groups. Even the anonymous nobodies of high school weren’t an option. But finally it seemed the Juggalos, a group of kids known for their outcast status in society, were a group who just might be willing to let her in.

And they did. Sort of.

At first, Juggalette Sarah Kolb, a bisexual sixteen year old, was attracted to Adrianne and eager to welcome her in. Adrianne, in turn, was just as eager to be accepted – even if it meant developing a lesbian relationship with Sarah.

But Adrianne liked boys too much and Sarah was psychotic. So when Sarah confirmed that Adrianne had slept (term used loosely) with a couple of fellow Juggalos, she saw it as the ultimate betrayal. And for Sarah, there was only one way to punish Adrianne for her transgressions.

Murder. The ultimate punishment.

In his book that becomes available tomorrow, author M. William Phelps provides a hard look at this case involving emotionally disturbed teens floating through life with no direction, violence, and promiscuety. Too Young To Kill will leave you heartbroken, disturbed, and shaken.

Phelps does a tremendous job of laying out all the facts surrounding this case. While it’s obvious his sympathy lies with the victim (whose wouldn’t?!), he doesn’t try to sugarcoat Adrienne’s past. Nope, it’s all there – the good, the bad, and the ugly.

I have to admit I was impressed too with Phelps’ willingness to extend sympathies toward the parents of Corey Gregory and Nate Gaudet – people who were truly ashamed and distraught over what their children had done. While most will hold them accountable for their children’s actions (and many townsfolk did), as a parent myself I was glad to see a public denouncement of such behavior. No one has perfect children and we’ve all been guilty of wishing we had done things differently.

Too Young To Kill is an awesome true crime read. A story I wish had never had to be written, but one that should and had to be told. It is a story of youth violence, mental disorders, a parental warning, and a call to society to extend a hand not judgments.

Hands down, Too Young To Kill is a definite must read.

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2 Responses to “Too Young To Kill by M. William Phelps (August 2011)”

  1. Maria Downin says:

    Me and my family have the pleasure of knowing Tony and Joanna Reynolds they are the sweetest, kindest and just all around very nice people. I knew they had a adoptive daughter and that she died but never knew or really thought about how, until I seen the story on television. I was horrified watching it to think that this happened to her and what these kids did to her, that was horrible and the heartache that Tony and Joanna and family were going through waiting to find out where she was.I have not read the book, but after seeing this I am going to buy it and read it, plus even though her parents never wrote the book I and going to have them sign my book in Memory of their daughter Adrianne Reynolds. My heart goes out to them <3 <3

  2. Kim Cantrell says:

    UPDATE: On April 16, 2012, Nathan Gaudet and two other young men were killed in an Indiana automobile accident when their speeding car failed to negotiate a curve, struck a tree, and burst into flames. Gaudet left behind an infant daughter.

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