Richard K Overton movie: Lethal Vows (1999)

Lethal Vows is based on the story of Dr. Richard K Overton, who gained attention after his first wife, Dorothy Boyer, who raised four children with him, told authorities that Overton “tried to murder [her] through a process of slow poisoning” after they divorced in 1969. The couple had split after Dorothy learned that while they were married, Overton had secretly married another woman, Caroline Draper, with whom he had a child. Then the doctor married a third time to a woman named Janet. Nineteen years later she would refuse to divorce Dr. Overton and pay for it with her life.

There is an out of print book about this case: Final Affair: The Shocking True Story of Marriage and Murder. I can’t speak for its worthiness as I have not read it to date, however other Amazon reviewers give it an average four star rating.

Now, on to the movie -

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  1. Paula says:

    KIM……I tracked you down! Have not been ignoring your blog. Lost my husband in Feb. Suddenly, fatal aortic aneurysm. Since then have been so busy, business, personal, family, etc etc…and i spent some of August, all of Sept. and part of Oct. in Georgia with my son & family….they welcomed Fraternal twin boys in July. SOOOO much going on.
    I loved this movie. A case I’d never heard of and that always surprises me. Iwas, fo course, literally GLUED to the Jodie Arias case. That horror story should yield at least a dozen fabulous books & movies.
    Hope all is well with you. I intend to keep reading here and trying to catch up here and elsewhere!! Peace, Paula

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