Love You Madly: The True Story of a Small-town Girl, the Young Men She Seduced, and the Murder of her Mother by Michael Fleeman (November 2011)

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November 2011
St. Martin's True Crime Library

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3 Stars
On March 21, 2012
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A little lacking in background information, but still an okay read. I would recommend adding it to your list, maybe just not at the top.

Sixteen year old Rachelle Waterman may have felt she was living at the ends of the earth in Craig, Alaska, but her life really wasn’t that much different than other American teenagers. She spent her days in the high school classrooms, afternoons dedicated to sports and band practice, and her evenings rebelling against parental restrictions.

On the other hand, Rachelle was a little bit ahead of her time. In 2004, blogging wasn’t yet a catch phrase, but Rachelle was broadcasting her complaints to the world via LiveJournal.

When her mother, Lauri Waterman was discovered beaten to death on a remote Alaskan road, Rachelle had but one thing to say: “Just to let everyone know, my mother was murdered.”

Despite rumors of a philandering husband, police immediately zeroed in on Rachelle and her boyfriend Jason Arrant. On an island with only 1500 residents, everyone was privy to the fact that Lauri did not approve of her daughter’s relationship with the grown man who still lived with his parents and seemed to have no ambition for his future. Couple the sloth boyfriend with Rachelle’s recent penchant for wearing all black, all time and you’ve got a recipe for a constant bickering between mother and daughter.

But could the finish product really be a mother murdered at her daughter’s demand?

Police really believed so and they were not going to rest easy until Rachelle was behind bars. With no physical evidence and an airtight alibi, that wasn’t going to be so easy. But, considering there’s not a lot to do in Alaska (especially during those brutally long winter months), they had plenty of time to question witnesses until they heard what they wanted – Rachelle was the mastermind.

Would it be enough?

Author Michael Fleeman follows the case of Rachelle Waterman from that fateful day in November 2004 until the final twist in February 2011 in his new true crime Love You Madly.

I was disappointed that more background information wasn’t provided for members of Waterman family. It kept me from really forming a good feel for Lauri as a mother and a victim and, in turn, while I formed an opinion about Rachelle, it wasn’t really laced with the emotion I get from other books. Yet, at the same time, I couldn’t stop reading. It was an interesting, thought-provoking case filled with questionable investigative tactics and surprising twists.

Love You Madly is one to add to your reading list, just maybe not at the top.


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