Love Me or I’ll Kill You by Lee Butcher (February 2007)

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February 2007
Pinnacle True Crime

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3 Stars
On May 23, 2012
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While this book is expertly written, I despise cases of women who cry abuse when faced with jail time after committing crimes; especially horrendous crimes where a police office is killed and an innocent victim is taken hostage.

Paula Gutierrez was fifteen years old when she met 14 year-old Nestor “Chino” DeJesus in New York. A few years and a baby girl later, the two scuttled off to Florida in hopes of mooching off somebody new because New York had out of people willing to do it.

Surprise, surprise! Florida folks expect people to get off their lazy bums and work too. Of course employment would be the simple solution, especially if you want some of the finer things in life, but Paula and Chino decide they’d rather rob a bank instead. But things didn’t go quite as planned.

After killing a female police office, the dynamic duo find themselves cornered in an apartment complex; an apartment where the resident just happened to be home after calling in sick to work that day. Holding him hostage, the amateur bank robbers try to think of an escape from the mess they’re in. When all is said in done, Chino takes the coward’s way out by via suicide and, no longer there to defend himself, Paula cries abuse as the reason she went along the idea.

Love Me or I'll Kill You by Lee ButcherSigh. Women like Paula Gutierrez make me sick. Every woman who has suffered or is suffering abuse should loathe this woman because she is one of the very reasons domestic violence doesn’t get the response it deserves even in the 21st century.

That said -

Lee Butcher‘s 2007 true crime Love Me or I’ll Kill You is the story of pathetic losers Paula Gutierrez and Chino DeJesus, with a strong focus on Paula’s whining about how Chino made her do it and nothing is her fault. Poor little abused girl just didn’t deserve the punishment she got.

Blah. Blah. Blah. Whatever.

Truth be told, Paula’s complete and utter BS doesn’t deserve ANY attention but I’m a fair reviewer. Since the book was organized and well written, I bump Love Me or I’ll Kill You up to three stars – begrudgingly, of course.


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Paula Gutierrez spends her days as at the Lowell Correctional Facility in Ocala, Florida.

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