Slaughter on North Lasalle by Robert L. Snow (July 2012)

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July 2012
Berkley True Crime

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On November 7, 2012
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Not horrible, not great.

Slaughter on North Lasalle by Robert L. Snow
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Bob Gierse, Jimmy Barker, and Bob Hinson were swinging singles; bachelors who had taken their skirt-chasing to a disgusting level: to bed the most women for the year 1971.

When the trio is discovered bound and slaughtered in their home at 1318 North Lasalle Street in Indianapolis, investigators have a long list of suspects, from scorned women to cheated business associates.

As the case grows cold, in steps an unethical, overly-aggressive investigative reporter who finds herself intimately entwined with a man who says he participated in the murders. Before all is said in done, the hunter will find herself being the hunted.

Insanity abounds in Robert L. Snow‘s book about the case, Slaughter On North Lasalle. With a cast of characters that includes lonely women who fell prey to oversexed men to imaginative ex-convicts who’ll do anything to get attention, there should never be a dull moment here.

But, unfortunately, there were several.

Although the triple homicide that remained unsolved for decades and ended with a super-surprise no one saw coming, Snow bogs it down with too many minute details and just a bit much of filler from other cases. Additionally, Carol Schultz, the reporter who becomes much, much too involved in this case, is given too much space in this book. So much so, I actually began to skim portions about her whacked-out, cloak-n-dagger escapades.

And then there is the victims.  I may take some flack over this but, quite frankly, they were very sympathetic victims.  They were three men who used women to win a private contest and two of them, at least, had no qualms about stealing items and clients from a former employer.  Like it or not, I didn’t care much for these men.

“‘I just scored number twenty-five!’ James Barker couldn’t keep from grinning as he bragged to his friend Robert Hinson about his latest sexual conquest.”

On the plus side (without giving away too much), however, there is no long, boring trial section. In the days where these portions seem to take half of the book and be copy-and-paste jobs, this was a huge plus.

Slaughter On North Lasalle isn’t horrific but not a top-notch read either. For readers who like cold cases that take years to solve and don’t reading every little detail, no matter how insignificant, then you’ll probably enjoy this book. Otherwise, I think it’ll be better received by those familiar with the case and/or those involved than by the average true crime reader.

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