I’ll Be Watching You by M. William Phelps (July 2008)

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July 2008
Pinnacle True Crime
40.01 - $4.01

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On July 22, 2009
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Love, love, LOVE how this author winds up telling the defendant what a pathetic loser he is. That alone makes the book worth reading!

I'll Be Watching You by M. William Phelps
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Too many true crime writers today try too hard to remain neutral in their writing (which I don’t necessarily disagree with), so it is always a wonderful experience to find an author willing to let his/her anger and disgust play out in their books about the evil that men do to one another – admittedly, better so if I agree with them!)

And such is the case in M. William Phelp’s recent release, I’ll Be Watching You about the narcissistic, mentally deranged Ned Snelgrove of Berlin, Connecticut, who is currently serving a life sentence for the brutal murder of Carmen Rodriguez.

Rodriguez wasn’t this serial killers only victim. Snelgrove had been convicted of murdering his college girlfriend, Karen Osmun and a vicious sexual attack turned attempted murder almost two decades earlier. While in prison, Snelgrove had written letters to a friend stating his intention to continue where he left off. In other words, he was perfectly clear in his intentions to kill again.

So why in the world was he granted an early release?!

Such horrifying details of a cold, calculating sexual deviant and a prison system where mandates should not apply to all can be found in I’ll Be Watching You.

And, as an extra treat, the reader gets to cheer on Phelps as he refuses to play a control game with Snelgrove in the name of authoring and eventually tells Snelgrove just how pathetic he really is.

I loved that part!

This is a great book, an absolute must read for true crime genre fans. Even with 500 pages, it’s a quick read as you just can’t put it down.

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