Missing Monday: The Missing Jamison Family of Eufaula, Oklahoma

Missing Jamison FamilyThe case of the missing Jamison family who disappeared from Red Oak, Latimer County, Oklahoma, on October 8, 2009, is very strange. Mind-boggling might actually be a better word to describe it.

Before their disappearance, Bobby Dale and Sherilynn Jamison had been acting very peculiar. One minister reported that Bobby had approached him to ask about how to deal with spirits in his home. Although he stated his wife wasn’t bothered by these paranormal visitors, he asked the minister if there was “a bullet they [made] that will kill them.” It was also said the Jamisons were consulting Satanic bibles for information on how to rid their home of spirits.

The couple had recently removed their daughter, Madyson Stormy Star Jamison, from the school where she was attending Kindergarten and was said to have intentions of suing the Eufaula, Oklahoma, School District. The reasons for the lawsuit are unknown.

Not long before their disappearance, Sherilynn had forced family friend and handyman Kenneth Bellows, who had been residing in the Jamison home, to leave at gunpoint. Bellows was later cleared of any wrongdoing by investigators.

In May 2009, Bobby had filed suit against his parents, Bobby Dean and Scarlett Jean Jamison, claiming his father had enticed him to work for free at his Oklahoma gas station with promises of giving him a half-interest in the business sometime in the future. However, Bobby’s suit was for $10,000, the amount he feels he was cheated of when the station was later sold. Around this time, a protective order was issued against the elder Jamison but investigators do not believe this suit or the following restraining order has played any role in the family’s disappearance.

On the day the couple and their six year-old daughter disappeared, the couple had driven into rural Latimer County to look at a forty-acre plot of land on Panola Mountain but had specifically requested to do so without the assistance of the real estate agent. It was here their truck was discovered several days later and the family had disappeared without a trace.

Inside the truck, investigators found the family’s coats, cell phones, maps, a GPS system, and about $32,000 in cash. The truck was locked and the keys were nowhere to be found. The family dog had also been left behind and was near death from starvation when the truck was found.

Rumors about about the couple’s drug use. Some of those interviewed say the Jamisons were frequent users of Meth. However, detectives say there is no evidence of either Jamison buying or selling drugs.

More than three years later, the missing Jamison family is a still much discussed topic. Some amateur sleuths have taken to investigating the case in their spare time, while others, like Sherilynn’s friend Niki Shenold, have made it their life mission to uncover what happened to her friends.

Many of these private investigations have turned up witness statements and information that haven’t been reported in the main stream media. I found the information posted at the Keep The Search Alive blog extremely fascinating and spent hours reading and digesting it all. The comments that follow are very enlightening.

Because of the strange events surrounding the disappearance, lack of evidence, and (what’s viewed as) secretiveness about certain aspects about the case, some people have drawn the conclusion this is a double murder/suicide. However, just as many others have concluded the Jamisons are now a part of the federal witness protection program or because of their alleged fascination with death just before going missing, suspect they may have fallen prey to Satanic cults residing in hidden lairs in the Oklahoma mountains.

Until they are found, whether dead or alive, if you have any information about Bobby Dale Jamison, Sherilynn Leighann Jamison, or Madyson Stormy Star Jamison, please contact the Latimer County Sheriff’s Department at 918.465.2161.

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