And Then She Killed Him by Robert Scott (November 2012)

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November 2012
Pinnacle True Crime

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On December 5, 2012
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An all-too-common story told in a ho-hum manner.

And Then She Killed Him by Robert Scott
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Miriam Giles wanted to start over again. Within the last few years, she’d suffered the loss of a daughter to an accidental overdose of prescription medication, the suicide of a husband who couldn’t deal with the loss of his daughter, and criminal charges related to her financial decline.

When she landed in Grand Junction, Colorado, Miriam wasn’t necessarily looking for love but found it anyway with Alan Hemlick, a recently widowed, wealthy businessman.

It was everything Miriam could ask for. Alan purchased her a spacey home with lots of acreage to raise horses, which she adored, and provided her with plenty of money. And when they married, Miriam Helmick readily agreed to signing a prenup which provided, upon Alan’s death, all of his premarital assets would be distributed equitably among his three children.

So, why then, did Miriam murder Alan?

Author Robert Scott outlines the case of murder against Miriam Hemlick is his latest book And Then She Killed Him.

Readers are giving a somewhat hazy view into the life of Miriam Morgan Giles Hemlick and her inability to manage money and how, when cornered, Miriam murders rather than confess her financial sins. Additionally, readers will follow the investigation from the call to 911, down a twisted path of lies built by a dancing seductress, and finally to the courtroom for trial.

While And Then She Killed Him isn’t as horrific as the last couple of books by Scott, I can’t say it’s fantastic either. It’s obvious there is no attempt at personal interviews or intensive research as everything contained within is accessible with a simple Google search, but I’ll give Scott a few kudos for organizing it into long story form.

But so did Dateline MSNBC. Which you can watch below. And have the whole story in less than one hour.

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