Bone Crusher by Linda Rosencrance (October 2010)

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October 2010
Pinnacle True Crime

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On November 5, 2010
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Waste of time.

Bone Crusher by Linda Rosencrance
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Larry Bright seemed like your everyday joe to his neighbors.

But to the African-American women who worked the streets to feed their drug habit, he was a dangerous killer.

A crack addict who claimed to hear voices that encouraged him to “Do it,” Bright is responsible for the brutal deaths of eight women; four of which he burned and crushed their bones – scattering them throughout the rural areas of Peoria, Illinois.

Although thousands of tips were received about these string of murders, it would be Bright’s DNA that would get him caught.

And begin a cat and mouse game with investigators, leaving them to wonder just how many women – in how many states – fell victim to Larry Bright.
Larry Bright, his name alone is an oxymoron. Larry he was, but bright he was not.

At 38 years old, Larry still lived at home with his mother. In his bedroom he kept hidden stashes of hardcore pornography, over which he often fantasized about raping and killing the woman on the pages or on the screen of his porn-filled computer.

Larry, however, couldn’t get one of the centerfolds or online “models” – or anything even close. So he had to settle for the ones he could buy: Peoria, Illinois prostitutes.

After getting a “lady of the night” to get in the car with him, Larry would take her to his home. After “favors” were swapped, Larry would suddenly attack. Many women pleaded for the lives, invoking the names of their children or crying out for God, but to no avail. The cold, lifeless bodies found days later.

Each evening Larry watched the evening news with his mother and grew excited when a story about one of his victims would come across the screen but he kept his exhilaration suppressed lest his mother pick up on these “changes” and realize her son was the killer.

Nonetheless, Larry’s mother would, in the end, be his undoing yet she wouldn’t know the sins of her painkiller-addicted son until after his confession to detectives.

Author Linda Rosencrance brings us the story of Larry Bright in her 2010 true crime Bone Crusher.

Sort of.

While it may be in story form, it’s nothing more but a long, slightly more detailed recount of newspaper articles.

There seems to be no external research by Rosencrance, an investigative reporter (according to her bio) as evidenced by the numerous “whether [...] is unclear.” Of course it’s going to be unclear when you rely solely on the Court file and don’t seek out the answers!

Very frustrating.

When the ALL of the same information is online, why bother paying it?

Frankly, Bone Crusher is a complete and utter waste of time. With little detail about the actual crimes, information (mostly) verbatim from Court records, as well as a choppy and unorganized writing style, makes this book one that I do not recommend.

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5 Responses to “Bone Crusher by Linda Rosencrance (October 2010)”

  1. crestview FL. says:

    I completely agree with this article. The writing style is completely disorganized, and I believe my 5 year old niece could write a better book.

  2. kieanna says:

    i think this is not right for a person to make a book without talking to the victims family first i am 17 my mother got killed when i was nine years old i am the only child my head just got back cleared u should not make a book hurting ppl family i still try to picture in my head and say my mother is not dead my head been fucked up for years no mother no dad old grandmother have to raise me and my mother was not a prostitute she meet him threw a friend u trying make money off a book and hurting ppl only god no the truth who the fuck are u

  3. rayhan says:

    I agree with Kiana.  One of the women killed was my first cousin.  Although her and I were not close, I’m sure her father and mother would have wanted their say so with how the book portrayed their daughter.  The world does not know the victims, so when you decide to introduce them to everyone, you have a responsibility to ensure the image you portray is accurate, respectful and reflective of actual EFFORT taken to research their lives taken so violently and cruelly. There are other ways to make a “quick buck.” Fortunately this book probably won’t sell very many copies.

  4. Queballdance says:

    Im angered that I just found out about this book and my mother is in it. It just open up old wounds when people say or write on things they are educated on.

  5. valentino grice says:

    I turely agree with everyone thatz out of respect of tha victim’s family shud have ben n formed of thus book and if they wanted the victims names n tha book may b cud of use other name insted I mean pictures and all u really wanted that book 2 sell im just sayn repect tha family and tha victims waT if was u

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