Poisoned Love by Caitlin Rother (July 2005)

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Updated and Republished December 2011
Kensington Books

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5 Stars
On March 24, 2012
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Caitlin Rother made a HUGE SPLASH with this debut book about nationwide headline Kristin Rossum of the "American Beauty Murder." I didn't think it could get any better, but Caitlin proved me wrong when she updated and republished POISONED LOVED in late 2011.

Kristin Rossum was no different as a grown woman than she was as a child. She was never taught there was or ever mentally matured enough to realize there are consequences for your actions.

Regardless of her personality flaws, Kristin attracted the attention of a handsome young man, Greg de Villers, who eventually became her husband. The young couple begin a journey into a lifetime of happiness and wealth with Greg working as a top executive and Kristen employed as a toxicologist.

Poisoned Love by Caitlin RotherBut as can be expected of someone like Kristin, soon it wasn’t enough and she was seeking more in the form of Meth and an extramarital affair with her Australian-born boss, Michael Robertson.

When Greg learned of his wife’s extracurricular activities, he confronted her and presented an ultimatum: end it or he would expose the affair and her drug use. If Greg did this, Kristin would be out of a job and undoubtedly blacklisted from working any jobs in this career field again.

Most people would either divorce their spouse or meet the ultimatum, but not Kristin. Being the dramatic brat she was, she staged a scene straight out of her favorite movie, American Beauty, complete with scattered rose petals, and then injected Greg with a large amount of the paralyzing and respiratory suppressing drug Fentanyl. Then she called 911 and claimed her husband had committed suicide.

It didn’t take investigators long, however, to learn of Kristin’s affair and drug use and couple with the financial gain she stood to make with Greg’s death, investigators quickly came to believe this wasn’t suicide. No, this was a homicide.

In an ironic twist, toxicology would prove them right.

Caitlin Rother did a superb job telling the story of a spoiled little rich girl and the murderous end of her marriage in her debut true crime of 2005, Poisoned Love. In 2011, this genre classic is being re-released with updates that’s sure to send this book back to the top of the charts.

Readers will find extreme in-depth background coverage on the major players in this twisted tale of drug abuse, adultry and murder; from Kristin and Gregg, to the elder Rossums and the de Villers family. The well written and very organized story telling of Rother makes Poisoned Love a book you just can’t put down.  And the updates give you the latest in a case that has continued to twist and turn even after the spectacular trial.

This is true crime writing at its finest. Whether you’ve read the 2005 version or not, you going to want to pick up the 2011 re-release of the book on this highly publicized California criminal case that’s been the subject of high rated episodes of Snapped and Deadly Women – but you’ll get 100x more from Poisoned Love than you get in a hour long television show, making it a must, must read!


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