Sex, Money, and Murder in Daytona Beach by Lee Butcher

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April 1991
Pinnacle True Crime

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On September 19, 2011
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Left some to be desired, but still a pretty good book

Sex, Money, and Murder in Daytona Beach by Lee Butcher
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Lisa Paspalakis was young, single, and wealthy. And Greek. So she was thrilled to meet the young, single, attractive, and Greek Kosta Fotopoulos. Following a whirlwind romance, the couple was married. Kosta had tied himself to the money.

Or so he believed.

Truth of the matter was, Kosta only had access to the riches as long as he was married to Lisa. While Kosta had taken the time to learn survivalist skills, he failed to understand the intricacies of inheritance.

After Kosta met teenager Deidre Hunt on Daytona Beach’s Boardwalk and an illicit affair began, he set in motion a plan to kill his wife – and eventually his brother-in-law Dino Paspalakis and mother-in-law Mary Paspalakis.

Deidre sought to recruit the would-be killers from among her fellow thugs at the Boardwalk. The first was Mark Kevin Ramsey, 19 and living a hand to mouth existence, he was looking to turn a quick buck. He wound murder in cold-blood at the hands of Deidre, his last screams recorded on video.

Then there was Matthew Chumbley, a pathetic young man who was game to do the hit but wound up arrested on petty theft and drug charges before he could get around to it.

There was also Teja James, a drug fiend with a penchant for simple violence who chickened out when pushed to do the deed at a Halloween party.

Lastly, Bryan L. Chase, a country bumpkin from Ohio who was willing to do anything to impress Deidre. Instead of becoming a paid assassin, he would wind up being assassinated.

It’s a twisted tale of young lust and greed in Lee Butcher’s 1991 book Sex, Money, and Murder in Daytona Beach. Definitely a story that grabs your attention, it’ll keep you turn pages – even through the trial section (which contains plenty of juicy details not included in the proceeding pages).

Sadly, when it was done I felt something was lacking. In reflection I realized that the background of Kosta was sorely lacking, and extremely limited on other key players of the case.

So, all in all, I’ll give it a 3 out of 5 star rating; could have offered more but still one heck of a read!


Lisa Fotopoulous (Psaros) is now remarried and continues to maintain entrepreneurial success on the Daytona Beach Boardwalk alongside her brother Dino Paspalakis.

Beating the national average of 14 years stay before execution, Kosta Fotopoulos has escaped his punishment for 21 years. In 2008, however, he took one step closer to death when another appeal was denied. A date of execution has not been set of this writing.

Although she spend the rest of her life as a guest of the Florida Department of Corrections, Deidre Hunt continues to troll for gullible men using an online personals site has removed her personal profile at Paper Doll Penpals, a “pen pal” site for prisoners.

Lisa’s friend and Kosta’s confidante Peter Kouracos still lives in Daytona Beach, where he owns several businesses. He remains active in Republican politics.

Teja James spends time between his Florida home and a job in Las Vegas, Nevada; racking up quite the arrest record in both states.

No updates could be found for Carol Ann Hunt. We were surprised she wasn’t listed on a Mother’s honor roll somewhere. [said with sarcasm]

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5 Responses to “Sex, Money, and Murder in Daytona Beach by Lee Butcher”

  1. Danielleita says:

    The sarcasm in the comments cracks one up.  Deidre trolling… that doesn’t surprise me from what I’ve read.  On the gullible men site… “It doesn’t interest me in what you do for a living”… understatement of the year Deidre. I’m wouldn’t be suprised if Kosta Fotopoulos does the same thing. He might write… “A Survivalist Looking for My Next Video Vixen”. No pun intended.

  2. Joseph says:

    This story is so interesting to me. I wonder what happened to some of the other kids like Lori. It is scary to think that she as well as the others were okay with people being murdered. I saw Deidre’s story profiled on Women on Death Row II. They interviewed her and she seemed like a changed person. Not sure if it was an act though.

    • Kim Cantrell says:

      Joseph, I hope she’s changed but so many do while locked up away in the confines of a prison (especially when cameras on focused on them) but often return to their old selves when released, so I don’t have much confidence she has.

      I too would like to know what happened to Lori but I couldn’t find any updates on her. Hopefully she’s living a quiet life of remorse and trying to make up for the wrongs of her past.

  3. Dado says:

    Dang it. I wanted to contact Deidre to tell her that her lawyer could have challenged the duress precedence by examining the evidence that showed the situation would have resulted in a crime of greater magnitude because two people would have inevitably died instead of one. It was not a one life for one life deal that Fotopoulous gave her which would fail the duress test

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