Wasted by Suzy Spencer (December 1998)

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December 1998
Pinnacle True Crime

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On February 6, 2013
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So much to tell and told so well.

Wasted by Suzy Spencer
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Regina Hartwell so desperately wanted to be loved. So much in fact she was willing to buy the love of any willing friend or lover.

And since her mother had died in a horrific accident when she was twelve, from which Regina had a trust fund, there was plenty of money spend.

Or maybe not.

Kim LeBlanc had tried being a lesbian lover to Regina but, truth of it was, she was much too heterosexual but she really liked the lavish lifestyle she lived on Regina’s dime – especially the drugs such money purchased. But the money was running out and Regina’s obsession of Kim was taking it’s toll. As a result, Regina was summonings the nerve to sever her ties with Kim LeBlanc.

And then there was Justin Thomas, a drug addicted vagabond with whom Kim had fallen in love.

Thomas liked Regina’s money just as much as Kim but he’d grown tired of his girlfriend having to answer to Regina’s every beck and call. As the jealousy festered, so did the rage – until Thursday, June 29, 1995.

In the 1998 (updated and republished in 2008) book Wasted, true crime author Suzy Spencer follows the sad lives of Regina Hartwell and Kim LeBlanc through the abusive childhoods through Regina’s deadly demise at the hands of an evil young man who wanted the girl and the money all to himself.

Spencer does a fantastic job of sorting out the mess of these young people’s lives, their dark secrets, and the why behind a horrific murder. From the first page to the very last, readers will be captivated by the insanity surrounding a colorful cast of characters, made up mostly from Austin’s LBGT community. At times I found myself feeling unsympathetic and rather cold, blaming the personal choices of the main players, yet just as quickly I found my heart breaking for the obvious voids with which these lost and misguided ladies, especially Regina, were burdened.

Wasted is a must read for true crime fans. Plenty of personal interviews, in-depth research, and a condensed trial section makes this a fabulous book everyone can really enjoy.

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