Notes on a Killing: Love, Lies, and Murder in a Small New Hampshire Town by Kevin Flynn and Rebecca Lavoie (April 2012)

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April 2, 2013
Berkley True Crime
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On April 3, 2013
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A maddening story told with class and respect that you do not want to miss.

Notes On A Killing by Kevin Flynn and Rebecca Lavoie
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Kenneth Carpenter had to be in control. Of everything. But the truth of the matter was, he was in control of nothing.

Although he appeared to maintain sobriety for almost a quarter of a century, the fact was he’d simply replaced with it with another drug – one not always recognized as such: women.

Whenever Ken attended his Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings, he oozed charm and intellect, draw otherwise downtrodden gals to him like moths to a flame. Women sought him out, feeling safe among his facade of strength and knowledge from experience.

But Pen Meyer had lived too long and through too much to be swayed by a fake like Kenneth Carpenter. She’d also experienced enough in life to know it best to stay out of the relationship between her friend Sandy Merritt and Ken; that is, until Ken took it too far and he was caught red-handed in a lie about his marriage and Pen decided to tell Sandy the truth.

Ken, however, couldn’t stand to lose anything – especially control. When Sandy broke it off with the cheating Ken, he was enraged. While begging and pleading for Sandy to take him back, he continued to make proclamations of undying love to his wife – and planning his revenge against Pen Meyer, the woman he felt was responsible for all the headache and heartache in his life.

In crime-writing duo Kevin Flynn and Rebecca Lavoie’s newest book, Notes On A Killing: Love, Lies, and Murder in a Small New Hampshire Town, they recount a case centered around a love triangle, a madman, and the irony of how it all began in an organization founded on realizing one’s personal responsibility for the problems in their lives.

While the story is super interesting, if a bit mind boggling at times because of the pure insanity of one man, what I was most impressed with is how kindly the authors manage the sad tales of people who lost their anonymity and had their strength against overwhelming addiction tested by a lunatic who thought only of himself. In this world of snap judgments and where smear campaigns make the sale, kudos to Kevin Flynn and Rebecca for not destroying the credibility and respect many of these folks had worked hard to recover.

But as they say, “do not mistake kindness for weakness,” as Notes On A Killing is anything but a weak story. It’s intriguing. It’s heartbreaking. It’s a crime story laced with sentiments of love, triumph, and loyalty among friends. To sum it up, it’s a fantastic story you simply don’t want to miss.

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