Buried Memories: Katie Beers’ Story by Katie Beers and Carolyn Gusoff (January 2013)

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January 2013
Titletown Publishing
$11.68 paperback or $10.69 Kindle

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On March 13, 2013
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There's so much more than just a story here, there's life lessons we could all stand to learn.

Buried Memories by Katie Beers with Carolynn Gusoff
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On December 28, 1992, Katie Beers was eagerly anticipating her tenth birthday. She would hit the double digits in only two days when her godmother, Linda Inghilleri, told her family friend John Esposito was taking her for a special outing as an early birthday gift.

Katie was hesitant and reminded Linda she wasn’t allowed to be around John since her mother had learned of John’s molestation of Katie’s older brother. But Linda was insistent, so Katie did as she was told when John arrived to pick her up.

But there was no trip to the Spaceplex. It was all a ruse for John Esposito to abduct the little girl who had long been the object of his obsession and take her to his home where he had prepared a below-ground, well-hidden bunker to keep her. A place where he would violate Katie Beers in the most horrific of ways while telling the young girl she would be with him forever.

Until, at least, John Esposito experienced a moment of guilt, or maybe fear and the need to save his own skin, he broke down and told his attorney where Katie was being held.

Katie Beers‘ story was one that captured the hearts of people around the world. Her discovery brought tears of joy but the facts surrounding her upbringing, as they came to be known in the days after, would bring tears of frustration and outrage.

Katie Beers had been a victim all her life. She had been neglected by her mother, used as a slave by her godmother, and a sex toy for her godmother’s husband. The seventeen days she spent in John Esposito‘s bunker was just one more atrocity in this sad little girl’s life.

Now, twenty years after the headlines, Katie Beers breaks her silence with her memoir Buried Memories: Katie Beers’ Story.

Co-authored with journalist Carolyn Gusoff, Katie openly discusses her childhood, from the tug-of-war custody battle between her mother and godmother to the two and one-half weeks she spent in a coffin-sized dungeon. And just when readers are certain their heart can take no more sadness, Katie brings tidings of joy as she tells of life in the aftermath. And Carolyn Gusoff, in alternative chapters, recalls the facts and emotional aspects from a news reporters point of view.

While Katie’s first person recounting so very much outshines Gusoff’s reporter’s point of view, but the book comes together neatly for heartbreaking yet uplifting tale of a little girl who suffered so much but has managed to mentally and emotional overcome the tragedy to become a wife, mother, and a inspiration to those who have suffered abuse and even those who have not.

Buried Memories: Katie Beers’ Story is a true crime story yet one which will motivate you to pay attention to the silent tears that surround us and to face the challenges we’d rather not. There’s just so much in this book, you’ve got to read it to appreciate it.

Visit Katie Beers’ website at www.katiebeers.com.

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