Socialite Murderess Joy Davis Aylor: The Murder of Rozanne Gailiunas and Attempted Murder of Larry Aylor

Four-year-old Peter Gailiunas, Jr. had just awoke from a nap and was in search of his mother when he discovered her lying naked and unconscious on her bed. Rozanne Gailiunas‘ mouth had been stuffed with tissue before being strangled and shot twice in the head.

Although Dr. Peter Gailiunas had moved out of the marital home a few weeks prior, on October 4, 1983, little Peter knew of no one else to help and frantically called his father. Once Dr. Gailiunas arrived at his former Loganwood Drive home, he called 911 for help.

It was certain Rozanne would not survive and, even before she was officially declared dead, Richardson, Texas, police were treating the case as a homicide.

In the early days of their investigation, detectives discovered the reason for the Gailiunas’ recent separation: Dr. Gailiunas had arrived home one afternoon to find his wife in bed with their custom home builder.

Rozanne Gailunas

Rozanne Gailunas

Larry Wayne Aylor was a wealthy and respected contractor who had gotten his start with financial help from his father-in-law after he married Joy Davis Aylor.

That was many, many moons ago, however, and Larry was now in love with Rozanne. So much so he was willing to give it all up to be with his mistresses and had filed for divorce from Joy.

But now Rozanne was dead and Peter Gailiunas, himself a suspect as the husband – a recently scorned one, at that – was pointing the finger at Larry.

Larry loved Rozanne too much to hurt her and he told police as much. Peter, on the other hand, Larry said, wouldn’t stand for his wife leaving him and taking their son. Peter, he was certain, had murdered his wife because she’d told him she wanted a divorce.

There was plenty of finger-pointing following the horrific murder of Rozanne. Unfortunately, none of those fingers were pointing in the right direction.


With the love of his life gone and the $25,000 reward offered by Peter Gailiunas seeming to bring police no closer to Rozanne’s killer, Larry gave in to Joy’s reconciliation pleas.

Joy Davis Aylor

Joy Davis Aylor

But an ex is an ex for a reason and, by 1986, Larry and Joy Aylor found themselves again discussing divorce. This time it would be Joy’s affair with old high school flame Jodie Packer that initiated divorce talks.

Despite his previous affair with Rozeanne and a long-standing affair with Joy’s sister Elizabeth, Larry couldn’t bear the fact his wife was cheating on him. For Larry, the marriage was over and he (again) left Joy.

Soon after calling it quits with Joy and despite the animosity between them, Larry accepted an invitation from his soon-to-be ex-wife to go horseback riding at their ranch. Frustrated by Joy’s failure to show-up, Larry climbed into his pick-up truck to leave. As he came to ranch gates, he saw a battered old Ford truck blocking his path. Thinking its occupants may be having car trouble or had run out of gas, Larry slowed down to help but as the men approached Larry’s truck, they opened fire.

Shaken but otherwise unscathed, Larry was certain Joy was behind the attempted murder and expressed his suspicions to police. Although they believed Larry was correct in his assumptions, police were unable to gather enough evidence to make an arrest.

That is, until a woman stepped forward with a confession; a confession that would prove blood is not always thicker than water – especially when there’s a hefty reward on the table.

Carol Has a Secret

The Aylors divorce was final in August 1986 and life carried on. Two years later, however, would find the Aylors digging up bones, as Randy Travis would say.

Joy’s older sister, Carol Davis Walker Garland, walked into the Richardson Police Department in the Spring of 1988 and first inquired if the $25,000 reward was still offered in the homicide case of Rozanne. When police confirmed the reward was indeed active, Carol told them she had information in the case. She told them a convoluted story about her young sister Joy soliciting her now-husband William Garland to kill her husband’s mistress and again when she and Larry separated in 1986. It was a wild and unimaginable story and the police dismissed her claims as an attempt at revenge in a family dispute.

But D Magazine journalist Glenna Whitley was captivated by the Gailiunas and Aylor cases and soon uncovered Carol’s statements to police and went to interview her. After talking with Carol and hearing the story first-hand, Whitley wasn’t so quick to dismiss it. A series of articles she wrote for the magazine included information as told to her by Carol. Detectives decided it was time to reconsider Carol’s story.

Rounding Up Suspects

Carol’s husband William Garland was charged with solicitation of and conspiracy to commit capital murder, along with pal Brian Lee Kreafle, after learning they were hired by Joy to find a hitman. The men had hired George Anderson “Andy” Hopper for $1,500 to kill Rozanne. Later the duo had hired brothers Buster James Matthews and William Gary Matthews to kill Larry.

With the Garland, Kreafle, and the Matthews brothers behind bars and awaiting trial, detectives went to speak with Hopper at the car dealership where he worked as an appraiser. During the conversation, Hopper made an excuse to step away for a moment, slipped out a back door, and disappeared for the next five months.

Hopper wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, however, and police caught up with him on December 20, 1988. After spending a few months in the clink and probably coming to the realization he was going down alone for Rozanne’s murder, Hopper gave a full video confession on February 27, 1989.

According to Hopper, on that October day in 1983, he went to Rozanne’s home and posed as a flower delivery man. Once she opened the door, Hopper had forced Rozanne into her bedroom where he attempted to rape her before killing her.

Hopper was returned to jail where he remained, unable to make a $1 million dollar bond, before his indictment two years later.

Joy Aylor was arrested and charged in September 1988, but was released on a $140,000 bond. While awaiting a trial, detectives turned their efforts toward building a rock-solid case on the femme fatale.

George Anderson Hopper

George Anderson Hopper

Occurrences during this time would prove to be quite dramatic.

On December 27, 1989, Christopher Aylor, Larry and Joy’s only child, died from injuries sustained in a drag-racing accident in which his friend was instantly killed. The opposing car’s driver was so distraught over his friends’ deaths that he committed suicide a few days later. Joy and Larry fought over the son’s remains for weeks.

On March 21, 1990, Mike Wilson, Joy’s friend and former Dallas prosecutor, was arrested by Federal agents after he was pulled over and 46 pounds of cocaine were discovered in the trunk of Joy’s Porche which he was driving.

Joy was well aware she was most likely going to prison for Rozanne’s murder and her ex-husband’s attempted murder and Wilson was looking at a lengthy prison sentence on the drug charges, so the two decided it was best to skip town on May 5, 1990.

Five weeks after fleeing Texas, Wilson was arrested in British Columbia, Canada and returned to the United States but Joy was no where to be found. One report had her staying in Mexico, but when officials investigated, they found Joy was not there. She would remain elusive for almost a year.

In the spring of 1991, an anonymous tip resulting from a minor car accident, led French authorities to a rented villa near Nice, France where Joy was arrested on March 16, 1991. While behind bars, Joy attempted to commit suicide by slashing her wrists but was unsuccessful.

French officials would not extradite Joy back to the U.S. until prosecutors agreed to forego charges that could result in a death penalty sentence. The District Attorney’s office felt they had no choice but agree to the demand and, in turn, the French Justice Ministry approved the extradition.

Life and Death

Following a trial, Joy Jeannine Davis Aylor was sentenced to life in prison with eligibility for parole in March 2011 which was denied. Her next eligibility date is unknown at this time. She remains incarcerated at the Mountain View women’s prison in Gatesville, Texas.

George Hopper was found guilty of murdering Rozanne and sentenced to death which was carried out on March 8, 2005, by lethal injection. Witnesses to the execution claim Hopper was extremely remorseful for his actions.

Larry Aylor (current day)

Larry Aylor

William Garland received a life sentence for soliciting murder. However, there are no records for him with the Texas Department of Corrections so he may have been paroled.

Buster Matthews pled guilty to conspiracy to commit murder and was sentenced to life in prison. He was denied parole in 1996 and a new eligibility date is unknown. He is currently incarcerated at Boyd Prison in Teague, Texas.

William Matthews also received a life sentence and will be eligible for parole in February 2013. He is presently incarcerated at Mac Stringfellow prison in Rosharon, Texas.

It was discovered Joy’s old boyfriend, Jodie Packer, had assisted Joy with her escape by procuring cash under non-reportable limits and securing fake passports and other identification. He was sentenced to 27 months for his crimes. Judging by his appeals and Amazon reviewer title, Packer still hasn’t accepted his guilt in trying to help a murderess escape prosecution.

Larry Aylor now lives in Culpeper, Virginia, and continues to work as a custom home builder.

Books and Movies

Two fantastic books were written about murderess Joy Aylor:

Open Secrets by Carlton Stower is a very (very) detailed book about Joy’s childhood, her marriage to Larry, Larry’s life and adulterous proclivities, and the men who were willing to risk so much for a woman.

Author Ken Englade also wrote a book about Joy Aylor titled To Hatred Turned. Although a well-written book, it doesn’t offer as much detail as Stower’s book.

Cybill Shepherd starred in the role of Joy in the movie Telling Secrets. Although only available on Region 2 DVD (non-US), it frequently reruns on the Lifetime Movie Network.

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60 Responses to “Socialite Murderess Joy Davis Aylor: The Murder of Rozanne Gailiunas and Attempted Murder of Larry Aylor”

  1. Dizzybluebaby says:

    Currently reading “Open Secrets” by Stowers. Fascinating book, and yes, very detailed. Quite a convoluted case.

    • Kim Cantrell says:

      Convoluted might be an understatement. (lol)

      • Mo says:

        Pretty interesting story. Few of the facts are a little off but of no consequence. In the end, all were found guilty.

      • Bob Woerner says:

        I knew both Larry and Joy. I used to work for Larry in high school at a men’s clothing shop where he was my manager.

        There is possibly a bit more to the story. About the time all of these events were happening, Kathy-a friend of my wife’s (who, coincidentaly was a close friend of Joy’s) committed suicide suspiciously. Joy, who did not know my wife but knew that Kathy did, called her to see if she wanted to attend Kathy’s funeral with her.

        They went and my wife said that Joy was not upset whatsoever, raising her suspicions. Afterwards, Joy wanted to get to know my wife better and called her. At this time rumors were circulating about Joy and I advised my wife to get some distance between herself and Joy until we knew more. Shortly afterward, she disappeared to France.

        My wife and I both believe that Joy was involved in Kathy’s death and that it was not a suicide but, in fact, a murder. We have no proof but we think Joy may have shared some details or damaging comments about Larry with her and that she needed to be silenced. It scares me to think that Joy may have been lining up my wife to be silenced also just in case Kathy shared something with her that Joy had said to her.

        • Sherry says:

          Joy told me that Kathy had told her that if she (Kathy) was ever found dead to tell the police her husband did it. Joy was VERY upset about Kathy’s death and convinced that her husband did it, but asked if if I thought the police could prove that. I really did not see how they could prove that without corroborating evidence; and it would be devastating for her already bereaved children.
          By now you read MzD’s description of the way Joy reacts to stress–and a friend like Kathy’s funeral is profoundly stressful. In this case, more stressful with what Kathy had told her tell police. She felt she should have honored Kathy’s request. Since it’s probably my fault if she didn’t, then I apologize for your concern about your wife.

      • Hi, Kim:
        Very good run-down of the case. One thing you don’t mention is the “Joy Aylor” episode of America’s Most Wanted that was shot in August 1990 and aired, I believe, around February of 1991. I know about it because I played the role of Joy. From what was recapped on a later episode of the show, it was the Joy Aylor episode that helped tip off the people in France involved in the fender-bender to contact the authorities.

        • Sherry says:

          Joy told me that Kathy had told her that if she (Kathy) was ever found dead to tell the police her husband did it. Joy was VERY upset about Kathy’s death and convinced that her husband did it, but asked if if I thought the police could prove that. I really did not see how they could prove that without corroborating evidence; and it would be devastating for her already bereaved children.

        • Sherry says:

          sorry, Suzi. Accidentally put that “Kathy” comment to another person, Bob on your comment.

        • Sherry says:

          Actually, that show did not even resemble Joy’s style or personality at all. Ask any FBI agent or police officer who was involved with this case if you can’t believe anyone else. Those of us who knew Joy wondered where the actress got her descriptions to play Joy.
          Also, that show resulted in someone in Mexico reporting Joy was in her Spanish-languish class.
          Joy was discovered after a minor car accident in France because the car was registered to (or rented by) Jodie Packer. If anyone in France recognized her, did the 2nd show use an actual photo?

  2. DizzyBlueBaby says:

    I needed to make notes to keep track of all the players! BTW, you do a great job-keep up the good work!

    • Kim Cantrell says:

      Thank you, Dizzy! You’re right, lots of players. Makes you wonder how Joy really thought she’d get away with it.

  3. staccee says:

    this woman was a real piece of work , and her husband wasn’t much better, firts he had a misstress, then was having n affiar with the wife’s sister. talking about being a dog. no wonder she snapped,and paying for it with a life sentence

    • Kim Cantrell says:

      While Larry was no saint nor was Rozanne, nobody deserves to die for their bad choices. Adultery may be heartbreaking to spouses, let’s face it, it’s not against the law but murder is indeed a criminal act – and even MORE heartbreaking to those left behind.

    • MzD says:

      The sister was 14. He was 27.

    • Sherry says:

      Joy’s sister was far from a vamp or seductress. She was painfully shy as an adult before her marriage, so probably she was as a child of 14. Larry was many years with her behind Joy’s back throughout the marriage. He was so outraged when Liz married that he “forbade” Joy and their son to attend the wedding.

  4. NLouise says:

    I read Ken Englade’s first book on this matter, “A Dark and Deadly Love.” But it left off before the reader discovered Joy’s outcome. So, I googled he name and came to this website, where I was pleased to learn she is still incarcerated. Altho she should have been deprived of her life, given that she took the life of a young mother simply because she was jealous. This woman does not deserve to live amongst the free. We do not murder people because they have affairs with our spouses. I agree that her husband was a dog. But, he did not murder anyone and she made the arrangements to have this woman killed. I seriously doubt she herself was free from sin. And no one gets to decide who lives and who dies based on an affair. I think of a little boy finding his mother near death, all because of Joy Aylor. I think of that same little boy growing up without his mother, courtesy of Joy Aylor. She can rot.

  5. EpicMale says:

    “William Garland received a life sentence for soliciting murder. However, there are no records for him with the Texas Department of Corrections so he may have been paroled.”

    He was out in just a few years, on parole. Or he got a sentence reduction for dropping a dime on someone else. He is a big blowhard, pathological liar, and lived with his mother until he was 40-something and went to prison.

  6. AnnieFrannie says:

    Wonder status of Joy’s sisters and Dr. Gailiunas.

  7. ragedyan says:

    So I was thumbing through old yearbooks and decided to google Joy-I already knew the story but was still interested in the current status. We grew up in the same neighborhood and played together from the time we were in 5th grade. She always seemed very shy -withdrawn or something except with her friends-we rode our bikes through the alleys (no sidewalks) and also rented horses at the stables and rode on Sundays-remember the one Sunday when MarilynMonroe was found dead. She was the middle child and her older sister always seemed a little strange-but what does a 10 year old kid know- anyway i do remember when liz was born-same birthday as Carol. I also remember joy’s mother slapping her in front of me-can’t remember the reason but I had never seen anyone do anything like that before. Last time i saw her-I was home from college-she came into my Mother’s office(she was a physician in Dallas) and got a blood test before she and Larry got married. I went back to college but I remember taking a gift by her house for her wedding-her mother always seemed sort of aloof-just an opinion-anyway it is hard to believe what people can turn out to be and sad for the ones left to pick up the pieces.

    • MzD says:

      Yes, I’m sure Joy was quiet and withdrawn except with friends, as her mother firmly believed in corporal punishment. I believe there was verbal and physical abuse.

      • Sherry says:

        As an adult, Joy was quiet and seemed shy only when Larry was with her. Otherwise, she loved to laugh and was fun. Larry was psychologically abusive, gave her a black eye one time, talked belligerently to her on phone even while she was speaking to him in a calm voice. He was so loud that there was no pretending I could not hear him. This happened on both the car phone and the house phone several times. Whenever we traveled in her car, he would call her from his worksite to do something for him even though he knew she was with a decorating client. She apologized as she took me back home so she could run his errand.
        I would hate to believe she accepted abuse because she was raised with it.

        By “corporal punishment” you must mean spanking? Then it will relieve you to know that that she did not believe in spanking her own son. Joy and her son had many good times together and loved each other very much. If anything “broke” Joy, it was Chris’ death in the car accident.

  8. AnnieFrannie says:

    i lived on the street behind the Davis’s. I did not know her at all. I was a year behind Joy. I didn’t know any of the Davis family. The books on the event say Carol turned her in for the reward which earned Carol a place on the hit list. Carol married William Garland who also played a role in the murder. It’s hard to track women after they marry and divorce a few times. i am curious about Carol’s current status. I didn’t know the younger sister’s name. I don’t believe it’s mentioned in the books. It’s seems to me that Joy may have spent a lot of years in prison with few visitors. Most comments about Joy are justifiably negative. But her son’s death does sadden me. but then for all I know maybe she had a prison wedding and now has a boat load of in-laws.

  9. ragedyan says:

    Honestly don’t know if Carol is married again-you kind of loose touch thankfully with people like this-she married her first husband out of high school I do remeber them walking up and down the halls at Hillcrest kissing which was kind of creepy in the 1960′s-she was also a patient of my mother’s and I was at the office when she came in several times. As i said she seemed a little strange-did not really know Liz because she was so much younger but do remember their mom always on us in the summer about being quiet or going outside to play so we wouldn’t wake the baby. I t was sad about Chris being killed-i guess that was more for her and larry to fight over…

  10. AnnieFrannie says:

    ragedyan, thanks for the reply. i lived for a while on Del Roy. We probably crossed paths in the alley. It strikes me that if you measure in headlines Joy is the most “famous” graduate of HHS.
    i do follow the prison scene as best as a casual observer can because of a personal encounter I had in the 90′s. While driving on 75 in Richardson with one of my children in the back seat someone fired 2 bullets through the right rear door of my Jeep Cherokee. Thankfully, the bullets failed to penetrate the inner wall. I called the police and reported the incident. Later that night a truck driver was murdered by this same shooter. He is now on death row. If his sentence is reduced to life he might end up released. I have learned a life sentence in Texas is about 30 years. In other words Joy could be released in 6-10 years. At that point she starts to cost the state too much to take care of. Prison life in Texas isn’t torture but it is Hell. Few of the prisons are air conditioned. Most prisons are farms with 4:00 AM “hoe squads”. Its’ said that a person ages twice as fast in prison. At any rate I believe if she lives Joy will be set free someday. If that is her desire. She might find the world a lonesome place.

    • ragedyan says:

      Sad that the thing you are famous for is attempted murder-there are so many good people out here-why do we highlight the evil?? Anyway am glad your family was okay-Dallas is way to big just visit-live in Okla and have for 40 years-the prison system is no better although Joy could be one we house here and have lots of company-Okla. has the highest percentage of incarceration for women in the country. Would think coping and getting along in the world after being in jail so long would not be easy and does she have any of that money left from her family?

  11. Blackbird says:

    I knew a woman who 15 years after the facts still insisted on Joy’s innocence, as a lifelong friend. She claimed Joy was framed, but wouldn’t say by who. Funny thing was, she was my college ethics teacher!

    • MzD says:

      Many of us found it difficult to believe that Joy could commit a crime, as she was always a law abiding citizen. At the time, some felt that maybe she was framed by her older sister, since other negative events seemed to be attached to her name. No one even thought Joy was a suspect.

  12. Jason Matthews says:

    I’m the nephew of Buster and Gary Matthews. Uncle Gary was released early last year but is back in prison. Uncle Buster will probably never see the outside of a prison again.

    • AnnieFrannie says:

      Jason, that’s a pretty sad story. Do you think he deliberately get him self sent back because he couldn’t function in the “free world”? What has become of Gary? I hope your
      situation is different than your uncles.

  13. Jason Matthews says:

    My situation is entirely different. My uncles grew up in a crime syndicate. My mom kept us well away from those types of things. Uncle Gary is pretty heavily institutionalized, and on top of that was not raised with any kind of moral compass. What he considers right and wrong are far removed from societal norms. I don’t think he tried to get himself sent back, I just think what he considers fair game we consider foul play.

  14. lin says:

    did she get the 25,000 for talking?

  15. Grammie says:

    I just finished watching LMN’s Telling Secrets based on these horrific crimes and had to learn the true story, or as much as one can glean with so many amoral/immoral and obviously sociopathic people involved. Having watched the movie and then read several reports on the internet I was astounded that so many of those involved, with many seeming to have come from the various law abiding middle classes even to the upper class, so easily found each other.

    I do think Jason Mathews provided half the answer with his comment that his uncle “was not raised with any kind of moral compass. What he considers right and wrong are far removed from societal norms’. The rest of the answer, in my opinion, is that such predators may avoid criminal records but can recognize the same lack of morality and empathy in others.among their friends and even just acquaintances.

    What else can explain Aylor’s, if I remember correctly, asking a casual day laborer of some time if he could find a hit man for her. He blithely obliges her and a long string of equally accommodating people fall in line for what is really a paltry sum for such a terrible deed.

    It is my personal opinion that if Joy Aylor isn’t deserving of the death penalty then precious few others are either. I hope she, just as Manson and the Manson girls, is denied parole year after year. Not only did her original crime earn her this but her subsequent behavior should convince future Parole Boards of her dangerous, self serving predatory nature.

  16. Mo says:

    Should have tried living it for 11 years. Lit more to it than any will ever know.

  17. In the book, It states Chris and a friend were killed in a drag racing incident. It also states the driver of the other car was so distraught he then committed suicide. Well, I am the driver of the other car, and I can assure everyone I am very much alive. We were not drag racing, we were driving fast, as teens do. Chris’s Corvette was one lane over from me. I saw sparks coming from the left rear wheel area. It started to fishtail, and then turned sideways in to my lane. I went over 4 lanes and came to a stop under the Marsh lane bridge, approx 100 yards in front of Chris’s car. I ran back, falling twice. The car was engulfed in flames. A person stopped behind the Corvette and yanked Chris from the passenger seat before the fire got really bad. Raymond was driving Chris’s car. I watched Raymond burn, and it is an image I cannot forget. When the news van pulled up, a camera man got out and began filming. I went after the camera man to stop him from filming my friend burning in the car. The police tackled me before I could get to him. I was very distraught over the whole incident. The person who pulled Chris from the car drove my car home, because I could not drive. An hour later, another friend of ours, Kirk Mauthe, committed suicide about a mile from the accident scene. He had been upset all night because his mother had committed suicide 2 years earlier around the Holidays. He went to a ex girlfriends house, which was close to the accident scene. He begged her to get back with him, which she did not. Then she got the call about the accident and told Kirk. He then went to a park close by, where he ended his life. He had talked about suicide all night, and all of us around him that night told him to stop talking about hurting himself.

    The whole thing was a horrible tragedy. I still think about all of them to this day. I visit Chris every Christmas. One odd thing also happened that night. Joy showed up at the accident scene. Her Porsche parked on the other side of the guardrail. She got out of the passenger seat and motioned for me to come over. She asked me where Chris was, and I told her Parkland Hospital. Mike Wilson was driving her car. She was very calm, which annoyed me. I grew up with all of these people, and knew Joy very well. Her actions that night bother me to this day. She is where she needs to be.

    David Ottinger.

    • MzD says:

      Joy arrived on the scene because the police notified her immediately of the wreck. It would only have taken minutes for her to arrive at that hour of the morning. She was taught to keep her emotions inside and not to cry in public– even then. She would have reserved her emotional breakdown for private time, hidden away from view. Being calm in a crisis was valued by her family and seen as strength. As a child, if she cried after being spanked, she would have to get quiet or be spanked again. Sometimes people don’t cry when they are in shock. It was a terrible tragedy. In the wee hours of the morning, she and her younger sister would return to LBJ and Marsh to look at the accident site, picking up bits of the car that shattered and were left behind as some sort of way to hold Chris close.

      Some were bothered when you used the words, “That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.” They questioned why you would feel the need to say that and one young person said they thought your driver’s side nicked the passenger side of the corvette, setting the accident in motion. It was a tragedy and it can’t be changed. I’m certain the incident happened just as you said. I’m just pointing out to you that everyone views situations through their own lens and perhaps Joy was calm when she had to be and had Wilson drive her car because she was too upset to drive. Maybe she lost it when she got the call and again after the hospital.

      • mama says:

        I agree .. I was raised spank if you didn’t cry hit then hit if you didn’t show up .. and everyone is different even though she was evil she was a mom. And no one should judge her how she handled it everyone’s different . But she sure wasn’t the best example .. none of them were ..

    • mama says:

      I’m glad you’re alive and so sad about your friends .. my daughter was murdered and her killer walks the streets there is no Megan’s website for murderers .. Why did she not get reward and if they were rich that’s not that much .. the guy who got executed was so dumb .. Texas is weird you can get sent away forever something benign and get out on murder .. weird .. my child was 4 .. shirts CRAZY when non violent people are in prison longer than murderers .. that’s just wrong xo

  18. Mo says:


    Thank you for your comments about Chris. I knew him as well and found him to be a very pleasant young man. I am sorry that you had to experience that horrific scene. Good luck to you.


  19. Joe says:

    No mention in the comments on what a total bi+ch Rozanne is ? Was she raped against her will ? LOL

  20. LisaR says:

    Such a tradegy.. I pray Joy NEVER gets out…

  21. Mo says:

    I believe two parole dates have come and gone. They are being tracked and all those that can influence will be kept apprised. It is funny, I look back at this and it was over 30 years ago that I arrived at the scene and almost 20 years ago that the last verdict was handed down (Joy). Most of it I try to forget but it is fun to see the comments and thoughts posted here. There was so much more that was never in court, in the media or in either of the books and the toll it ook on so many lives. Maybe someday, I just sit down and tell the entire story.


  22. barbara says:

    Too bad she did not have the hit man pump two bullets through that creep Larry Aylors head and leave Rozanne alone. No one would have cared !!!! He’s a real piece of……. !!!! The Dr. was totally innocent and Larry and her family should be ashamed of themselves. He was the husband and the family did not let him have her body and refused to put his last name on her head stone. I would not blame the son if he never spoke to them. The book said he is happily remarried and her son never mentions her. Families can be so cruel and they are a perfect example.

  23. Majaha says:

    I grew up with Larry’s nephew. A very sad and tragic story that affected Larry’s entire family. Never met Larry. Then I went to college and randomly became very good friends with Peter G. I found out about all this one day over college break 17 yrs ago and I was having dinner with the Aylors. Peter is one of the strongest and funniest guys I have ever met. Great personality. Plus a great musician. Larry’s nephew is my best friend to this day and a talent and success of his own.
    Peter doesn’t know the connection I don’t think. Being I just lost my mother I can only imagine the pain he has dealt with the situation. I think everyone has moved on to live a happy and productive life.

  24. Mo says:


    Would you give Peter my best and I am glad to hear how well he is doing.

    Mo McGowan

  25. Henry says:

    We met Joy Aylor in 1976.She was the Real Estate Agent selling Larry Aylor,s Parents home.Larry had built the home for them in 1971.In 1976 or 78 we bought the home.Larry had built his parents Clyde Aylor and I don’t remember his mothers name.Larry had become a big and very succeessful builder so he built his parents a much nicer and more expensive home.We had our Realtor and Joy was their Realtor.We still live in the home.A few years later,I met Clyde at Presbyterian Hospital where he was a patient.He had cancer.He told me that the situation with Joy and Larry had destroyed him and his family.That was the last time I talked to the Aylors

  26. Blue Lady says:

    This woman is cold hearted. I don’t care how anyone is raised, (in this case, how Joy was raised), just do not orchestrate a murder on anyone. She did not give anyone life and it certainly isn’t hers to take. I hope to God that all the appeals that this woman tries to get are all denied/rejected ecause she cannot be a good citizen in the society! So sad for all involved bere! I wonder if Larry is still alive, or if Joy killwd him from her prison walls!

  27. True Crime Reader says:

    I love reading true crime and was reading the book about this case sometime in the mid-90s, and was surprised to come across my neighbor’s name in the book. My neighbor happened to drive a red Porsche. It turned out to be Joy’s red Porsche.

    She was a member of the builder’s family.

    I had goosebumps every time I looked at the Porsche from then on.

  28. TwoDogs&Sanchez says:

    OF all the information available, and this site is a treasure trove of actual incidents that the Stowers book does not cover, thanks to all of you, I have yet to see a picture of Rozanna which woman began this whole mess.

    Does anyone have a source or a photo of this supposed knockout?

  29. Mo says:

    She was an attractive and very personable lady.


  30. AnnieFrannie says:

    i just noticed that TDCJ’s website shows Joy was turned down for parole on Dec. 2nd and given a new review date in Dec. 2017. State records show she will be 67 at that time.

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