Not So Mr. Nice Guy: Dr. Jonathan Nyce and the Murder of His Wife Michelle Nyce

Mechily Rivera wanted a better life than what she had in the Philippines. She had so much to offer, beauty and high intelligence; surely she would do better if in the States.

Searching for a way out of a poverty-doomed life, she joined a “pen pal” agency which promised to match their clients with American men. And in 1989, Mechily, who had Americanized her name to Michelle, received her first letter from a Mister Jonathan Nyce, who described himself as a successful scientific professor from North Carolina.

Michelle was excited to have attracted the attention of a wealthy American. They exchanged many letters and even began talking by telephone.

In June 1990, 33 year old Jonathan, flew to the Philippines to meet the 23 year old Michelle. A week later, they were wed.

Michelle believed her dreams had finally come true. She had no way of knowing her married life and journey to America was founded on a simple lie that someday would be the first thread to unravel into a murderous end.

Jonathan Nyce was actually 44 years old.

The Nyce Guy

Tall and gangly, Jonathan Wesley Nyce was great at basketball but his social skills left a lot to be desired. While he had a couple of guy pals, he never could get comfortable around women.

Before he graduated high school, Jonathan planned to a lawyer but once he began his secondary schooling, he found he had a knack for science. And being a frequent sufferer of asthmatic attacks, he was determined to find a cure by using his Bachelor of Science degree to work in the medical research field.

Along the way, Jonathan married an Orthodox Jew, despite his Catholic raising, named Sylvia. The couple lived on a tight budget while he worked toward a doctorate. In the end, however, it wouldn’t be the lack of money that caused the couple to split, but the differences in religion. Jonathan enjoyed celebrating holidays such as Christmas, while Sylvia was willing only to observe Hanukkah. The marriage lasted only seven years.

Single again, Jonathan moved to California. It was there that he developed an enzyme-triggered treatment for pediatric cancer. Sadly, because the number of patients that would benefit from the drug were so small, thus creating little profit, Jonathan was unable to gain the financial backing needed.

Disappointed, Jonathan moved back to the East Coast to be closer to his parents. He signed on with East Carolina University in Greenville, North Carolina, as an assistant professor.

At ECU, Jonathan continued his cancer research and discovered that the drug he invented also worked wonders for asthma patients. The investors who had once passed on providing capital for a pediatric cancer drug, was more than willing to financially back the same drug with a much broader market.

After some vicious disagreements among ECU staff, Jonathan Nyce was eventually allowed to patent his drug and EpiGensis Pharmaceuticals was born.

Jonathan had succeeded in his career, but still something was missing. He wanted to find love. Unfortunately, he liked being in control in every aspect of his life and American and European women were much too liberated for his tastes. Then a friend gave him a copy of The Manila Times and Jonathan spotted Michelle’s lonely hearts ad.

It was just what the doctor ordered.

Growing, Growing, Going

Michelle Nyce

Michelle Nyce with Jonathan Nyce

After their June 1990 wedding, Jonathan had to return to the United States without his bride while they awaited the approval of her Visa. They wrote daily letters, however, and often spoke by telephone. Finally, in March 1991, Michelle’s Visa came through and she boarded a plane to America.

By 1995, EpiGensis Pharmaceuticals was growing by leaps and bounds. Michelle was a stay at home Mom to two young boys, without a driver’s license and only knew a couple of people; it was a very lonely life. So she decided it was time to learn to drive. After taking a few classes, she took her first step toward freedom when she was granted a North Carolina driver’s license.

When a private New York investment firm pumped $5 million into EpiGensis, Jonathan put out the word that he was looking for a place to open a larger EpiGensis laboratory and was enticed by an offer made by Princeton, New Jersey.

Michelle was devastated by the family’s move north and became very depressed. She was again in a place where she knew no one, was a stay at home mom of three children now, and Jonathan traveled extensively. An extremely lonely Michelle spent hours on the phone with friends and family back in the Philippines and often questioned her decision to ever leave there in the first place.

Even as the Nyces purchased their dream home in Hopewell Township in the early part of 2000, things at the EpiGensis office weren’t so great. Many of Jonathan’s employees found him too boisterous, arrogant, and a compulsive liar. Regardless, EpiGensis continued to grow – until September 11, 2001; then Jonathan Nyce found himself in the same position as many other companies: little to no investors.

It was during this time that Michelle Nyce learned her husband had lied to her about his age. During a conversation with her mother-in-law, she discovered her husband was actually 52, not 44 as she had thought. Michelle was horrified that Jonathan had lied about something as trivial as his age.

She now looked at Jonathan in a whole new light. Michelle saw now the liar instead of the experienced man, the controller versus the provider.

Rather than love her husband, Michelle began to resent him.

A Budding Romance

In July 2002, Michelle met Miguel de Jesus, although he told her his name was Alexander “Enyo” Castaneda, when she ordered some trees for a landscaping project at the Hopewell Township home.

Miguel had a common law wife and two daughters, but they weren’t the reason he used an alias at work and with Michelle. His had adopted the fictitious name to avoid warrants on child support arrearage he owed a woman with whom he’d had a baby after a one night stand.

Until October of that year, the relationship between Michelle and Miguel was limited only to phone calls and texts until they consummated the affair in a seedy hotel.

Michelle was leading a double life now and Jonathan, as well as EpiGensis, was drowning in debt. Friends and family, both domestic and abroad, noticed the couple was fighting more frequently and with more intensity.

In July 2003, Michelle declined a vacation with Jonathan, their children, and his parents to the Outer Banks of North Carolina saying she had to stay behind to study and take an exam at the college in which she had enrolled. Truth was, she wanted to spend time with Miguel; but three days after Jonathan and the kids had left, Michelle and her father, who was in America on an extended vacation, took a bus and joined them.

Soon after they returned, Jonathan learned that Michelle’s classes had yet to even begin, much less already having exams. He suspected she was having an affair and began reviewing cell phone records for calls and texts. His suspicions were confirmed and he learned that Michelle was involved in an affair with Miguel after he confronted her and she fessed up.

Jonathan then decided to get rid of Michelle’s boyfriend in a more permanent way. Visiting the local FBI field office, Jonathan Nyce told agents that his wife’s lover was blackmailing him for money, threatening to release audio tapes of sexually explicit calls. Michelle, feeling guilty about the affair, backed up her husband’s false allegations. As a result, Miguel was arrested.

In an attempt to start anew, Jonathan took his wife on a second honeymoon to Charleston, West Virginia, despite having a stack of unpaid utility bills and new payment on a new Hummer.

But Michelle was still unhappy. The affair with Miguel had made her feel alive again.

Using their red number budget as an excuse and their daughter’s enrollment in kindergarten, Michelle took a second step toward freedom: she got a job.

Tough Decisions

Never Leave Me by John GlattMichelle loved working. She was a great saleswoman and she was making new friends. She felt liberated.

Despite a restraining order prohibiting any contact, Michelle and Miguel were still talking on a daily basis. But Jonathan was making it more difficult. Anytime Michelle was away from home, Jonathan was calling frequently to ask her about her whereabouts.

When Jonathan put their house on the market, Michelle was outraged. She loved her life in New Jersey, her new friends and her job. Jonathan wanted to move them to Pennsylvania, nearby to his parents.

After Jonathan’s decision to move, things went from bad to worse for the Nyces. Michelle had changed her style, going from suburban Mom to sexy teen. Jonathan was extremely unhappy with his wife’s new fashion preference and extremely vocal about it, but Michelle had grown tired of Jonathan’s complaints. Frankly, she just didn’t care anymore.

Michelle and Miguel were on and off again, trying to call it quits but inadvertently winding up together again, always declaring their get-togethers “the last time.” Additionally, Michelle had stopped wearing her wedding ring at work and was openly flirtatious with a number of male customers.

Michelle had decided that once the house sold, she was filing for divorce. But in the meantime, she intended to enjoy Christmas and New Years, knowing it would be the last the kids had their family intact. She dreaded breaking their hearts by announcing her intentions, but it was what she had to do.

Sadly, the kids would receive worse news than a divorce announcement.

It All Comes to a Head

On the evening of January 15, 2004, Michelle and Miguel got together for one of their “last time” flings. But while they were together, Jonathan called. Seeing his number on her phone’s caller ID, Michelle turned the phone off. He tried to call her again around midnight, and the call went straight to voice mail.

Jonathan Nyce was outraged. He’d suspected Michelle’s affair with Miguel had resumed and, in his mind, his unanswered calls confirmed it. He went downstairs to wait for his wife to return home; sitting in the dark, listening for the sound of the garage door going up signaling her return home.

As soon as she walked in the door, Jonathan smelled the strong scent of Chanel and knew she had had sex with Miguel. Angry, he demanded to know where she had been. Michelle told him to mind his own business, which only enraged her husband more.

The couple continued to argue as Michelle went to check on her children. Finally, Michelle had had enough and told Jonathan she was leaving. She packed a suitcase and started for her car.

Jonathan realized she was really leaving, he was going to lose Michelle once and for all. He would no longer be able to control her, the woman he saw as his property; an item he had bought and paid for.

Then he lost it.

In a fit of rage, he yanked Michelle from the front seat of her Toyota Land Cruiser. The force of his hand was so violent, it left a bruise in the shape of fingers on her arm.

Michelle fought back. Jonathan then grabbed a baseball bat and swung at Michelle’s head. She fell to the floor, hitting her head on the Land Cruiser’s running board. Even injured, Michelle fought vigorously for her life. Sadly, at just a little over five feet tall and barely over 100 pounds, she was no match for her six feet four inch husband who grabbed her by the hair and smashed her head over and over and over into the garage floor, not stopping until he heard a sickening sound.

Despite the horrific beating, Michelle most likely lived another ten minutes or so until she choked on her own blood. Her husband, panicked, spent this time wondering what to do. After checking for a pulse and realizing his wife was dead, he sprung into action.

Covered in Michelle’s blood, Jonathan placed his wife’s battered body into the front seat of the Land Cruiser and placed her suitcase on the backseat. Climbing into the passenger seat, Jonathan backed the car out of the garage, leaving the headlights off to avoid being noticed by neighbors.

Finding it difficult to drive from the shotgun position, Jonathan went around to the drivers side, pushed the seat back as far as it would go, then climb in atop his wife’s body and pulled out the driveway.

Just a little over a mile from the Nyces house, at a deserted campsite along the creek on Jacobs Creek Road, Jonathan steered the SUV toward the creek and waited for it to come to a rest in the frozen water.

Wearing only a tee shirt, pajama bottoms, and moccasins, Jonathan stepped out the vehicle into the 6 degree Fahrenheit night and walked away from his wife’s dead body, leaving the engine running.

Back at 1 Keithwood Court, Jonathan set about the task of cleaning up the garage with white paper towels and hydrogen peroxide. He put one bag of the paper towels in the trash can and another behind the fireplace. And when he accidentally set off the house alarm, he quickly tossed his bloody clothing into the washing machine because he knew police would probably come by to check out the alert.

Discovery and Confession

Four PSEG maintenance workers were the ones to discover Michelle’s body and they immediately called for police.

Investigators called to the scene immediately realized this was not an ordinary car accident. Michelle’s body was too battered and bruised for such a relatively minor accident; and the car seat was back too far for Michelle to reach the pedals.

Running the license plate number, investigators learned the vehicle belonged to Jonathan and Michelle Nyce. Officers went to the Nyce home to see what they could learn.

The two younger children were home alone when cops arrived, claiming their mother had went to work early and their father was taking their older brother to school. So officers returned to their car to wait for Jonathan to return.

When he finally arrived, Jonathan invited the officers in and asked why they had come. They told him about the accident and he told them it was his wife. He then asked what hospital she was at. They didn’t tell him she was dead, unsure yet whether he was a grieving widower or a murderous husband.

After a short conversation, the officers read Jonathan his Miranda Rights and began asking him a few questions. Jonathan was more than willing to talk with them about he and Michelle’s marital troubles because of her infidelity. Even when his 5 year old daughter came to sit on his lap, Jonathan continued to tell the men about his wife’s boyfriend and the alleged extortion.

When the officers left, Jonathan notified Michelle’s friends and his family and then contemplated his conversation with the officers. Suddenly he realized he’d made a mistake. When he had exited the vehicle, he had stepped into the snow and left a trail of footprints behind. Knowing the detectives would most likely conduct a search of the home later, he grabbed his moccasins and used a scroll saw to remove the soles. As he was hiding the cut-up rubber, his daughter came into the basement to tell him more cops had arrived.

Officers asked the Nyce family to vacate the home while they conducted the search Jonathan had anticipated. Then Jonathan was asked to come to the police station to give a formal statement. He willing complied.

At first he stuck with the story he’d told them earlier that Michelle had never come home, but he finally broke down and confessed to killing his wife. However, he said he accidentally killed her in self-defense after he attacked her first.

Although a lie, it would be a story that would serve him well.


An autopsy revealed the extensive injuries suffered by Michelle, the sheer brutality of her death. An examination of Jonathan Nyce failed to find any signs of having been attacked as he had claimed.

Jonathan Nyce

Jonathan Nyce

But those things would be lost in trial as the spotlight was shined on Michelle, a mail order bride, for all intents and purposes, who had cheated on the man who “saved” her from a life of poverty. How she and Jonathan came to be married, her affair, her attire, they all became the focus of Jonathan Nyce’s trial.

In July 2005, the jury found Jonathan guilty of Passion/Provocation Manslaughter and Tampering with Evidence. Even though it was essentially a slap on the wrist in terms of homicide convictions, Jonathan was shocked they’d found him guilty of anything, as was his family. They had all believed he’d walk away scot-free.

For the manslaughter charge, Jonathan Nyce was sentenced to seven years plus one additional year, to run consecutively, for tampering with evidence; a total of eight years.

With credit for time served before trial and a reduction of days earned for good behavior, Jonathan walked out of prison a free man on December 5, 2010. He was immediately reunited with his parents and his three children who had lived with his brother during his incarceration.

Just earlier this month (February 2012), he published his own eBook which he claims tells the “truth” about Michelle’s death. A quick reading of the synopsis appears to be his attempt to exonerate himself. I, for one, will never read it. I have a feeling it would be a lot like reading one by Casey Anthony: full of bullshit lies and a lot of self-serving drivel.

Note to Johnathan Nyce: Dude, you served 5 years for MURDER. No matter what pretty little title you put to it, it’s MURDER. And you’re out of jail, roaming free among us decent citizens who DIVORCE instead of KILL. Oh wait, that’s right, if you divorce, you can’t CONTROL. YOU ARE PATHETIC!

Believing he had cleaned away any signs of murder, Jonathan Nyce climbed into bed with his children and tried to pretend he’d slept soundly through the night.

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81 Responses to “Not So Mr. Nice Guy: Dr. Jonathan Nyce and the Murder of His Wife Michelle Nyce”

  1. [...] of the most memorable people in this category has to be pharmaceutical executive Dr. Jonathan Nyce of Hopewell Township, New Jersey. (Does anything good ever come out of that state?) His surname [...]

    • Raphael says:

      wait a min male or female

      its still god damn murder a woman complains when a man kills a wife he should get life
      but when a wife kills the husband they should have mercy this is no common sense

      if you have a affair and you kill your partner

      murder is murder premeditated is just life both genders not mercy for woman
      and man have to serve life

      in that point premeditated murder is murder and you have to serve even tough your gender no diffrence between male and female

  2. Robin says:

    Right. How is it that everyone actually believes the so-called evidence and so-called confession? A ten year old would do a better job of hiding evidence than the official version of this story. A highly intelligent scientist would have not committed not only one, not only two, but dozens of stupid mistakes in trying to cover his tracks. He had been taking Ativan for awhile, he would have already developed some tolerance to it. But dimwitted cops who are also trying to hide their own incompetency would have suddenly found convenient “evidence”. Read Dr. Nyce’s own version of events. It makes much more sense than the official one.

  3. Rene says:

    Uhm, Michelle, the man is,unhinged. He basically got away with murder with a fairy tale about self defense against a tiny Asian woman whom he had bullied for years. His entire defense was based on making her look like a whore and sulking her name. I urge you to watch this man spin these lies on the show On The Case as Paula Zahn interviews him. It’s jaw dropping.

    I am ashamed of our judicial system for letting this killer get away with serving five years and I hope he gets what’s coming to him in the end.

    And you poor gullible reader, pleased review the mountain of evidence against this moron. Of course he did a poor job of covering up. His own arrogance and false sense of superiority made him think he could outsmart everyone. He was also acting out of rage and that’s the staging idea he came up with. Pathetic.

    There are TRULY innocent people who have been convicted, don’t let these criminal bullshitters make martyrs of themselves. And please, stop making them money!!!

  4. Harry Berry says:

    She totally deserved it. She was just another spoiled woman with no real purpose in life past screwing random men.

    • Kim Cantrell says:

      Oh give me a break! Nobody deserves to die because they cheat. This isn’t the Scarlett Letter age.

      • Lee says:

        Maybe it should be “the Scarlet Letter age”. People have no morals anymore…and that goes to the husband and the wife.

        • Kim Cantrell says:

          Nah, Lee, I don’t necessarily want to go back to those days; too many wrongfully accused people. But I do believe morals have gone to hell so some rewind would be nice.

        • Denise says:

          This the problem with the human race… there has never been an age of morals. Humans have always murdered, cheated on each other, coveted other people’s property and etc. Since man has been in existence this is the behavior that has been followed. With that being person deserves to die for cheating.. there isnt an animal on earth that stays with the same mate.. And humans are animals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • mrsknowitall says:

        Or maybe it still is.

        The fact remains Les Humes killed his wife after she admitted to having an affair with the karate teacher in front of his four children including one two year old.

        While it may be England still it’s the dark ages he gets seven years with parole possible in this than four years sound fair to you? It was a heat of a passion killing with provocation so what were you saying?

      • fawk yu says:

        if she were a decent woman she would not have cheated and told her husband she wanted a divorce before she decided to go outside her marriage and sleep with someone else

    • ananymous says:

      stupidity she dont deserve it..why he dont divorce her instead of killing her idiot.

    • Michelle Schenck says:

      Nobody deserves to be abused and murdered like Michelle was.

    • Michelle says:

      So if what you are saying is true, then when a man cheats his wife should have the right to kill him because he totally deserved it.

  5. deez says:

    I THINK ITS A DISGRACE TO PUT HER WITH THE DEMESTIC ABUSE AWARENESS VICTUMS, it shows that most domestic victims are cheating wives and had it coming to them. We are all on the outside looking in, not one deserve to die nether have their heart and life turned upside down, just because a woman wanted to cheat to get something her husband was not giving her. I have no sympathy for her she went in to a marriage because the Dr gave her the security and more. She took advantage of his love and his time with her think to grow old together, and she cheated not on him but her kids. She put her lust and feeling before her kids her family. It safe to say that she killed her husband emotionally and he expressed his pain physically. Nevertheless, who am I to judge, what gives me that right you may say? The scares on a broken that strikes you with every bit of emotion, to the point where, humanity , and the legal system can no longer hold up at bay nor resurrect the death to your heart.

  6. deez says:

    Everyone talk down DR Nyce but his wife had it coming to her. she is a cheat and murdered her husband first, in the heart. It not about how he tried to hie the murder but why. i felt that he should have gotten less that a year. I see many blog about she is only worth 5 to 10 years not she is worth far less She is a whore and a cheat. a complete disgrace. She gave up her value or should i say “what she was worth “when she was on her knee giving a blow job to another man, by the way that is 10$ in her home country. THIS IS WHY THERE ARE SO MANY DEAD BEAT DADS AND BROKEN FAMILIES cuase everyone want to feel bad for her cause she was a 100lb woman. No she was a 100lb woman who likes to take blows at a mans heart.

    • Kim Cantrell says:

      I’m beginning to think this is Jonathan Nyce.

      NOBODY deserves to die because they fall out of love with someone and in to love with another. Now, I believe the assets they take from a marriage should be limited because they are the one who broke the “contract” but to die? No, absolutely not.

      Murder most outranks infidelity – to normal people.

    • mrsknowitall says:

      Live by the sword, die by the sword.

      This is not to say one should die because they betrayed their spouse it’s just that there are consequences including the passion of murder if it reaches that level instead of a divorce.

      When are older American men going to learn that mail order brides once they are in this country become just like American women that they secretly despise? How ironic! Their belief that they covet a prized young foreign wife that will be their way of protecting themselves from the evil bitter American wife. Guess what? The foreign wife will crush their heart in no time flat never appreciating the wealthy lifestyle in the U. S. she has been given. That is the lesson American men wake up.

    • Albert says:

      You are absolutely right. Murder is never right. It’s wrong by definition. But I find it very hard to feel bad for that woman and her friends and family. She was a whore, and that’s being generous.

    • Thumper says:

      What an egotistical ass you are, he obviously had her fearing for her life most of the time, how could she as for a divorce. You obviously have never been in a hopeless marriage and then meet someone that makes you feel alive again, it is a feeling that cannot be described. Hopefully you aren’t married because I can only imagine how you treat her, if you are I hope she comes to her senses and gets the hell away. You controlling jerks are whats wrong with this world.

      • Art says:

        Thumper, there is little evidence to support your contention that Michele was “fearing for her life most of the time.” Her behavior suggests she had a risk-averse personality.

        The man, Miguel DeJesus, that “someone that makes you feel alive again” was himself a psychopath. He never held a steady job as a “gardener.” He just did some gardening work at their house. Michele had an affair with this man despite learning he was living with a woman while violating a court order to pay child support to another woman that he had kids with (he was never married to that woman either). Later, DeJesus attempted to extort $500,000 from Nyce by playing tapes of himself having sex with Michele. Nevertheless, Michele continued sleeping with this man and even continued the adultery after she and DeJesus were under court order to have no contact with each other.

  7. deez says:

    THIS IS TO KIM CANTRELL AND RENE IT CLEAR THAT YOU ARE ALL FOR THE WOMEN . CHEACK THIS STORY OUT Death by Mercedes-Benz: The Story of Clara Harris and How She Killed Her Cheating Husband

    • Kim Cantrell says:

      All for the women? Ha! I think Clara Harris’ prison sentence was too damn short. You need to do some further reading. Check out my story on Jessica McCord. It’s so obvious I’m pro-women in it. [sarcasm]

  8. ananymous says:

    Why dont he decide to divorce her, she dont deserve at all to die.. Shes a good person with a good heart.. That guy is soppose to be in jail forever.

  9. John Daniel says:

    Can’t believe he got away with it. I guess the Lady intentionally dropped the Scales of Justice in this case.

  10. camian may says:

    Hi just curious if this is the same man who has created a canine cancer treatment called Tumexal- it is very expensive and he won’t disclose the ingredients…

    • Kim Cantrell says:

      Camian, I seem to recall something about the abandoned human medication being used for treatment of some ailments in animals. Unfortunately, trying to locate it now has proven impossible. I’m not sure if I mixed up cases in my recollections or the confirming information is out there and I just didn’t find it. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

      • Evelyn says:

        I think that he is…

        • Kim Cantrell says:

          He is. I had forgotten to update and say I received several emails from persons who wish to remain anonymous that he is indeed the same Dr. Nyce, except now he often goes by the name Dr. Nice.

          If his name had irony before, it most definitely does now. :)

          • Thumper says:

            Yes he does go by Dr. Nice and now Im ill because he actually responded to my request for information about his Tumexal product and it is very expensive. But I wont buy it from a murderer that’s for sure and I doubt it works because Im sure he doesn’t care about curing cancer but to line his pockets.

    • Jackie Blue says:

      I was looking into using this drug for my dog and now after reading all this Im just sick. Tumexal sounded like the perfect drug for my pet with cancer.
      Pretty sure its the same guy because his office address is in Pennsylvania.

  11. camian may says:

    Jackie Blue I did that exact same thing- I even wrote to him to ask if he was actually Dr. NYce, never heard back but in the mean time I found two incredible treatments for my dog with cancer- Atremisinin and AveMar for pets )immunovet) also two excellent Yahoo groups for canine cancer and people using those two products- my big girl has lung cancer and has responded really quickly and very well. I wish you all the best, so just put Tumexal behind you and go for Artemisinin (Sweet Wormwood) and Avemar (fermented wheat germ) lots of excellent research for both, and NO SECRET FORMULA! All the very best.

    • Tina says:

      Camian, thank you so much for suggesting the two treatments. I was just about ready to order Tumexal, but now I won’t.

      • Thumper says:

        Im so glad I found this site, I too was interested in the Tumexal, now I never would order. But I too have found other treatments, Ive ordered Amygoatrile (Amygdalin B-17) which is apricot kernels and also Zeolite which removes all toxic metals from the body, my dog is 14 and has lumps everywhere so surgery is out, I feed her only organic and give cinnamon, turmeric and ginger w/rolled oats. Been reading the book Dog Cancer: The Holistic Answer (a step by step guide) about a chiropractor who cured his dog who had 6 weeks to live and lived another 2 1/2 yrs. Id do anything to help my girl, this book also mentions the product Avemar and AHCC Active Hexose Correlated Compound.

  12. Deli says:

    I am sad that he only gets to serve 5 years in prison when he took a life. It’s like the life of one woman is only worth 5 years? Michelle may have her faults but he has no right to take her life. I am also sad for their children. I hope they will still go on living meaningful lives despite what has happened to their parents.

  13. isabel says:

    horror! me siento horrorizada por la condena que le dieron como es posible que sólo le dieran 7 años, debieron darle cadena perpetua , una vida humana no se puede tomar asi como así , cualquiera que sea el motivo, y ahora dice que es inocente, que descaro!

  14. shaffy says:

    She was a gold digger. Not a saint.

  15. Albert says:

    I actually feel that the time served for Mr. Nyce was pretty fitting. The woman,(who let’s be honest, was a whore), jeopardized his entire livelihood by sleeping with whomever she’d come into contact with. Maybe most of you people don’t realize this, but it takes a lifetime of hard work to be as successful as Mr. Nyce had been. It’s a shame that he will never have all that back. He even supported that woman’s entire family back in her country. She’s a mail order bride. She should’ve counted her lucky stars for a guy like Nyce, not sleep with the gardener.

    • Michelle says:

      So if Jonathan had cheated, and Michelle had killed him, she should also have gotten only 5 years?

    • Mark says:

      I won’t say she deserved it but i sure don’t feel a lot of sympathy for her, she could have had the decency to tell him she wanted a divorce. This “he controlled” her is nonsense. She could leave whenever she wanted, she was using the man for his money and living in a nice house while screwing some guy basically in his face. Her saying it was none of his business where she was just showed she had no respect when it comes to marriage. It actually IS his business. I saw the episode on Forensic Files and Michelle’s best friend said she doesn’t believe for a second that she’d leave her husband for the gardener, well it was obvious she was going by what I read here she didn’t care about the kids enough.

  16. PB says:

    This man gets five years for killing his wife in cold blood, and yet there are people out there accused of selling drugs who get 25 years to life! This justice system sucks!!

  17. Cindy says:

    Alb[Jonathan]ert and some other morons here. You are incredibly transparent. You also are doing a horrible job at feigning to be illiterate.

    Science doesn’t lie, Jonathan (you should know that) and there are gazillions of intelligent people on this planet who don’t give a crap that your wife was cheating as it will NEVER justify murder, and who are laughing at your pathetic attempt to turn fact into fantasy.

    My guess is that you are desperate to be “exonerated” so that when your children mature and see the overwhelming EVIDENCE that you killed their mother, you will have to deal with the possibility of them hating/resenting/leaving you. Good luck with that.

    For any others, besides Jonathan if they exist here at all, really, seriously — spell check? Dictionary? 90% of the comments here seem like they were written by second graders.

  18. Mergaton says:

    Well, she was unfaithful. Now that he is free, I think justice was served.

  19. Mandy says:

    They should put a death sentence on that worthless dog.

  20. jay says:

    February 10, 2014
    This the problem with the human race… there has never been an age of morals. Humans have always murdered, cheated on each other, coveted other people’s property and etc. Since man has been in existence this is the behavior that has been followed. With that being person deserves to die for cheating.. there isnt an animal on earth that stays with the same mate.. And humans are animals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    There are animals who are life mates. Albatross, Wolf, Swan, Beavers, Angelfish, Eagle, Skinks, Owls, Penguins, Gibbons, Termites and Myself

  21. Scottie says:

    This dr Nyce had never had anything of this magnetude. She was beautiful. He couldn’t except the thought of anyone else having her. She was a mail order which gave him self empowerment thinking he made her who she was and couldnt deal with her belonging to another man. He feels that he created her and if he can’t have no-one else can either.

  22. yhanna says:

    you all dont even know the real story so plss. shut your fucking mouth !

  23. yhanna says:

    dont be soo judgemental ! nobody wants to get die !! god bless all the people who think that she deserve to die . only god knows the real happened that time .

  24. jon says:

    Dont cheat ladies. Or just dont get married. Its that simple.

  25. Countcristo says:

    I just read these years old comments. Sad world we live in a world where adultery is judged worse than murder. And the comments about Michelle … Sheeesh… What about the pervert Nyce that goes overseas to prey on the poverty stricken women so he can satisfy his perversity. He got five years, that’s possibly the most corrupt element of this entire case. God Himself couldn’t save Nyce had he done that to my daughter

    • summer says:

      He took her out of a Hell hole. She should have been grateful. She just wanted what she could get out of him, I doubt if any real feelings were involved on her part. So, that relationship was doomed from the start.

      • Art says:

        It’s a sad world alright, Countcristo, because it has people like you who have such twisted minds they can’t comprehend the replies on this board. No one posted that adultery is worse than murder. You further demonstrate you’ve really lost touch with this story by writing ” the pervert Nyce that goes overseas to prey on the poverty stricken women so he can satisfy his perversity.” Since you’ve brought up your daughter, I hope she has better sense than to have sex with someone like the gardener, Emilio DeJesus.

      • Mark says:

        I won’t say she deserved it but i don’t have sympathy for her, b/c she could have just served him divorce papers instead of lying to her husband everyday and having an affair with this low life Miguel, who from what I heard on Forensic Files wasn’t a good person. She chose to marry Jonathan, chose to have three kids, you don’t just throw that away b/c you want to run away with some jerk that fathered kids with different women, who didn’t even want to pay child support for one of them.

  26. Evelyn coniahan says:

    what a shame woman cheating her husband, the breadwinner working hard to bring furtune a while wife enjoying sleeping with gardener ! I think justice been served !

    • Michelle says:

      So I guess if what you are saying is true, then if it would have been the other way around and Jonathan had cheated on Michelle, then if she had killed him in cold blood, justice would also have been served.

  27. Evelyn coniahan says:

    My point is if she dindnt cheat her husband maybe she still alive until now! She was from isolated place in the Philippines she was looking some foreigner guy to changes her life publish her pic and profile in the painpal magazine and she did!!meet Jonathan changed her life everything even her family ! She went to states live in nice house ! Her husband was doctor ! Working hard for his family! What the hell his wife cheating on him ! A gardener

  28. Evelyn coniahan says:

    If I’m Jonathan I will the do the same!!! Woman should satisfied what they have and should think about the children future ! What Michelle did selfish cow bitch ! she think only bloody sex sex sex! What a shame !

  29. Tanya says:

    Is it just me or has anyone else noticed how many doctors murder their wives, girlfriends and business associates?

  30. summer says:

    I just felt so sorry for him, the way she treated him. The horrible things she said. I know she didn’t deserve to die, but she was asking for it. He should have walked away, but at that point it wasn’t possible. And therefore the passion provocation. Sad, so very sad.

    • summer says:

      I also wanted to say that she has a affair with a younger man and comes home and throws it in his face. Taunts him and dares him to do anything about it. Probably not the smartest thing to do. He didn’t have the right to kill her of course, but this had been going on for some time from what I understand. And he knew about it. She pushed him too far. She should have just left, took he children and never came back. But she was dependent on him, so I don’t think she was able to do that at the time. If she hated him that much, why was she there? If she hadn’t been so in your face about it, maybe things wouldn’t have turned out so tragic.

  31. Robert Skyles says:

    Maybe her family will send her a visitor some day wasnt it said “live by the sword dye by the sword” has the staute of limitations for wrongful death law suit ran out yet?

  32. Sane Guy says:

    I was going to order his product for my dog. Not now! His product provides absolutely no proof that it works, he has a history of lying, he is obviously an egomaniac. And just as obviously is and has always been a screwed up man who then commits murder on at least one woman.

    Thanks to those who mentioned other products for canine cancer.

    I am amazed that so many people are crazy enough to dare condemn the murdered lady while offering cover for the murderer. I suggest all of you take a long hard look in the mirror and scare yourselves to death. Help make the world a better place for those of us who can think, speak and act properly. “Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who is the craziest of them all?”

  33. chelo says:

    He was in love and too much invested in her plus a divorce he lose the kids the wife half the money and property and still have to pay half his salary monthly for her and her lover, just think on that

  34. […] National Canine Cancer Foundation Animal Cancer Center, Colorado State University **There is a vivid tabloid story in Dr. Nyce’s life, complete with books by and about him, but since this has little bearing on […]

  35. Dr Hyde says:

    Classic example of rich guy justice and putting the victim on trial. How would this have played out if she somehow managed to take a tire iron to his head in the garage and claim self defense. She probably would have got more time than this killer.

    Passion provocation was the same (bogus) defense invoked in the movie from the sixties? with Jimmy Stewart defending Ben Gazzara. Back then it was called irresistible impulse. ANATOMY OF A MURDER was the flick.

    • Michelle Schenck says:

      I agree. Cheating is no excuse for murder. He should have just kicked her out of the house, divorced her and not given her any alimoney or any cash settlement.

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