Picture Perfect: The Jodi Arias Story: A Beautiful Photographer, Her Mormon Lover, and a Brutal Murder by Shanna Hogan (Sep 3, 2013)

Publication Date:
September 2013
St. Martin's True Crime Library
$19.38 Hardcover or $11.04 Kindle

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On September 17, 2013
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Deserving of 5 stars plus some!

Picture Perfect by Shanna Hogan
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Jodi Arias was kind of swinging through life by the seat of her pants. She had a job, but no career. She had a boyfriend, but no lifetime commitment. The relationship with her parents was very strained.

There was a great void in Jodi’s life so when Travis Alexander came ambling along, it seemed he was an answer to her prayers.

At least those she seemingly prayed in the weeks that followed.

Jodi and Travis met after she signed on as a Prepaid Legal Services Independent Consultant and attended a seminar where Travis was a motivational speaker. He spotted her across the room following his presentation and, as they say, the rest is history.

Their story is one of intense lust, religious convictions, jealousy, deceit, and murder; the perfect recipe for an emotion-provoking, opinion soliciting, worldwide headlining case. And author Shanna Hogan tells all in her latest true crime Picture Perfect: The Jodi Arias Story: A Beautiful Photographer, Her Mormon Lover, and a Brutal Murder.

From the moment this story began taking over the headlines, airwaves, and the main topic of crime fanatic circles, I knew it was going to be a huge case about which a book was sure to be written so I stayed away from it all; which, mind you, was no easy task! (I actually impressed myself with my restraint.)

It was so worth it! From the moment I downloaded Picture Perfect, I struggled to put it down. With its detailed research, front row narrative, and no-fluff presentation, Shanna Hogan turned a book into an addiction.

But don’t think for a minute the book is only awesome because I had avoided all things Jodi Arias because I’ve heard from plenty of folks who followed the case from beginning to end praise it as well. So, rest assured, either way, Picture Perfect is a fantastic, must read book on the case which thrust religion into the spotlight of a murder trial.

Picture Perfect is one of the best true crime books of 2013. Don’t be the only one who hasn’t read it!

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3 Responses to “Picture Perfect: The Jodi Arias Story: A Beautiful Photographer, Her Mormon Lover, and a Brutal Murder by Shanna Hogan (Sep 3, 2013)”

  1. Shanna Hogan says:

    Thank you so much for the amazing review! I’m honored!

  2. Loo Shrloo says:

    Wonderful review and spot on. Even though I followed the case from the very beginning (placing myself “in court” via live fee) I found Shanna’s writing style to be enthralling. Although I knew what was coming, I too had a hard time tearing myself away from the pages.
    This book is a “must read” for any true crime addict.
    Hats off to Shanna Hogan – no sensationalism, no “maybe this is what happened” – just true, honest research and reporting.

  3. Avis says:

    This book was okay, or good. However, I didn’t care for the author’s excessive and constant adulation of the victim, Travis Alexander. I’m tired of reading about Travis as though he did absolutely nothing wrong and never contributed in any way toward his own demise. There is no doubt that Jodi killed him and she is definitely a sociopath. However, Travis continued to see and have sex with her with alarm signals going all around. She was suspected of cutting his vehicle’s tires, she was showing up unannounced at his home and rearranging his furniture, she was hacking into his Facebook account, etc. And yet, he did not see the writing on the wall. I’m sorry but I feel that Travis wanted to have his cake and eat it too, which is what killed him. He wanted to have Jodi around for secret sex, while outwardly living like a “chaste” and “good” Mormon. He wanted the sex with no commitment to her, knowing fully well that she was obsessed with him and wanted more. He should have picked up on the danger signals coming from her, but he did not or simply dismissed them. I think he bears some responsibility for what ended up happening to him, not just or primarily Jodi.

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