Jessica McCord: The Mother of Bitter Evil Ex Wives

They couldn’t have been more opposites when they met in high school during 1989. Alan Bates was active in school activities and was considered popular by his peers. Jessica, on the other hand, was viewed as “Goth” and, even in a group of kids known for their antisocial natures, not completely accepted.

It made for great gossip when Jessica and Alan began dating, and the rumor mills were running at full speed when Jessica got pregnant and the couple was married in a rushed ceremony.

The Bates wouldn’t be the first teenage couple to marry under such circumstances, nor would they be the last, but it didn’t make life any easier for them but they seemed to make the most of it. Yet, there were times when Jessica had an overinflated sense of self-worth and Alan could never seem to do anything right.

Working to support his family and still trying to earn his college degree, Alan grew tired of Jessica’s very increasing demands and unreasonable expectations. All he wanted was peace and a little patience from his wife.

The only thing holding the couple together was their two daughters. Alan knew it, Jessica knew it. Alan loved his girls more than he hated his marriage, so he tried to tough it out. Jessica, alternatively, continued her foot stomping, princess act but added a helping of extramarital affairs to the mix.

It was the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back. By 1994, it was time for Alan to toss in the towel.

And The Battle Begins

Alan and Terra Bates

Alan and Terra Bates

Domestic princesses are notorious for wanting their cake and to eat it too. Jessica was none too happy when Alan filed for divorce, but realizing her soon-to-be ex-husband wasn’t going to insist on custody of the girls and willing to pay child support, she softened up and things between the couple became amicable.

But any good post-divorce relations they had achieved disappeared when Alan met art historian Terra Klugh. Terra was the complete opposite of the woman in Alan’s life of the past few years. She was even tempered, exhibited class and finesse, and, best of all, she seemed to truly care about this girls.

Jessica Bates hated her and was unhappy with the idea of her children having a stepmother. Alan would pay for finding love again.

Alan and Terra wed in June 2000. You can almost Jessica saying, “Oh hell no!” Not to be outdone, in the same month, Jessica married Jeff McCord, a sheriff’s deputy she met through her job as a Birmingham Police dispatcher.

The real battle began with Jessica making excuses to shorten Alan’s visitation and placing prohibitions on what he could do or be around during his time with the girls. Although at first Alan tried to somewhat oblige her demands for the sake of the children, finally took the issues to family Court. There Jessica got a quick lesson in post-divorce control; that is, you have none.

The Court Orders meant nothing to Jessica and soon she was refusing Alan parenting time with his girls, usually by not being home at his scheduled time. Other times she moved and wouldn’t give Alan the address or she hid them at her mother’s house.

Again, Alan took the matter up before a Judge. Jessica was lectured and threatened not to interfere with Alan’s custody time.

Again and again and again Jessica ignored the Judge’s warnings. Again and again and again, Alan sought the help of the family court system. He shelled out lots of money time and again for Jessica to get nothing more than a slap on the wrist.

When Alan and Terra moved to Maryland the following year, Jessica stopped attending the hearings altogether.

Her contemptuous actions could no longer be ignored. In December 2001, Jessica was arrested on a Contempt of Court charge and ordered to serve ten days in jail.

When he and Jessica divorced, Alan had believed, despite their tumultuous marriage, Jessica was a good mother to the girls. He knew between work and school, he couldn’t be the kind parent they needed and felt Jessica was better suited. But in the years since the divorce, watching her use the children as pawns in a bitter game rooted in jealousy and seeing the effects on his children and his relationship with them, Alan decided it was time to right the wrong.

He decided to file for custody.

When All Else Fails, Try Murder.

Jessica McCord wasn’t stupid, she senses what was coming. She realized she’d pushed the Court as far as she could and her mommy-card was expired. She could not allow her girls to be raised by her and, quite frankly, she need that child support – she and Jeff had a mountain of debt and she was unemployed.

Jeff and Jessica McCord

Jeff and Jessica McCord

While serving her ten days for contempt, Jessica read a murder mystery and a plan began forming in a her mind; a plan that would ensure she never lose custody.

Alan was coming to Birmingham to participate in depositions pertaining to the custody case and he had made arrangements through his attorney to visit with the girls during this time.

On February 15, 2002, Alan and Terra flew into Birmingham International Airport and rented a car. The couple was anxious to reach the McCords because, once they picked up the girls, the family was going to visit Alan’s parents in Atlanta, Georgia.

When they reached Jessica and Jeff’s home, the found a note on the front door that read, “Come to the back. We’re having trouble with the front door.”

At the rear door, Jessica greeted them, invited them into the family room, and offered them a seat on the leather couch. Under the guise of getting the girls, Jessica exited the room.

As they waited, exchanging small talk among themselves and undoubtedly were weary by Jessica’s seemingly cordial demeanor, when suddenly Jeff entered the room and fired four shots into each of their bodies. It happened so quickly that there was no time to try and defend themselves.

Like a black widow spider, Jessica had lured Alan and Terra into her “web” then without any thought to how it would emotionally hurt her daughters or the couples families, she murdered them – well, she had her Sheriff’s Deputy husband do it.

Fortunately, the Bates girls weren’t at their mother’s home to witness the murder of the father and stepmother. Jessica had never intended to let them visit with their father and had arranged for them to stay with their grandmother (Jessica’s mom). The house was empty except for she and Jeff, and they immediately went to work with the last phase of the plan.

First, they loaded Alan and Terra’s bodies into the truck of the rental car. Next, they drove to a remote area just outside of Atlanta. Leaving the car in a field, they set it on fire believing it would destroy any evidence.

Returning to the Birmingham, Alabama, home, Jeff and Jessica began cleaning the crime scene. They stripped the blood-soaked leather from the couch frame, they replaced floor tiles, and wiped away blood splatters.

They thought they had committed the perfect crime.

They were idiots.


When Alan and Jessica didn’t arrive in Atlanta at the expected time, his parents weren’t too concerned; after all, Atlanta traffic can be a nightmare. But when their calls to the couples’ cell phones went unanswered as well as attempts to reach them at their Maryland home, the elder Bateses began to fear the worst. Philip Bates began phoning the police agencies and hospitals inquiring about his son and daughter-in-law. But it was to no avail.

If you are struggling with a post-divorce relationship involving children, I strongly recommend reading Divorce Poison by Richard Warshak. It’s important to educate yourself and understand the best ways to deal with a difficult ex. Your children will thank you!

During the early morning hours of February 16, 2002, a farmer called to report what he believed was a forest fire. When firemen and police arrived, they found a burning car instead of a forest fire. The theory the car had probably been stolen in Atlanta and taken for a joy ride became much more serious when they discovered the charred remains of two human bodies in the trunk.

The car fire had reached such high temperatures that the license plate had been melted off the car. However, it was intact enough for police to trace it and learn that it belonged to a Mavis Car Rental in Birmingham, Alabama. After that, it wasn’t much of a stretch to for Jessica to become the prime suspect in the murder of the couple of the trunk now identifed as Alan and Terra Bates.

Police immediately interviewed Jeff at work. He didn’t seem to concerned about the Bateses death or that he was being questioned about it. He told officers that Alan and his wife had never showed up to pick up the girls. He continued by saying he and Jessica had carried on with their belated Valentine’s Day plans after taking the girls to Jessica’s mother. He even produced two ticket stubs to a showing of Lord of the Rings.

When police spoke with Jessica at her mother’s home, she gave the same exact story; adding that she had called Alan’s cell phone once and left a message inquiring about where he was. Jessica said Alan never returned the call.

Investigator’s weren’t buying the couples’ story and obtained a search warrant for the McCord home. When they arrived at the McCord house on February 17, 2002, no one was home so they forced their way in. What they found was shocking.

It appeared someone had attempted to quickly “remodel” the family room. Police officers observed the new floor tiles. New wallpaper covered the walls, but it had clearly been done in a rush as it wasn’t even near being properly aligned. And when they removed it, there was an obvious bullet hole in the drywall. Then they discovered a small amount of blood on the glass coffee table.

Investigators knew they had discovered the crime scene. Using evidence found in the McCord home, police secured warrants for Jeff and Jessica McCord. But where were they?

Eventually investigators tracked the couple to a friend’s home. It was later learned that the McCords had left the state but soon returned to Alabama and met with an attorney.

The couple went quietly when police arrested them on two counts of first degree murder.

Justice Is Served

Although the case was mostly circumstantial, centered around Jessica and Alan’s bitter custody war, prosecutors believed the case was airtight. They were unwilling to talk about any plea deals with Jessica, but Jeff was another story.

Jeff McCord may not have been smart enough to tell his wife no when it came to murder, but he was smart enough to know he was going to prison and didn’t want to be labeled a snitch there. He refused to testify against his wife.

Death Trap by M. William PhelpsAt her trial, Jessica took the stand and tried to convince the jury she was a victim as well. She told of how Alan was trying to take the girls way from her. She cried as she told how Alan was not the nice guy he portrayed himself to be in public and she’d frequently be subjected to his “dark side.”

The jury wasn’t buying what she was selling and on February 15, 2003, a year to the day that Alan and Terra were murdered, a jury found Jessica guilty of first degree murder times two.

During the sentencing phase testimony, Jessica never said she sorry instead choosing to still proclaim innocence. Her testimony focuses mainly on her children, which many believe ultimately saved her life as the jury opted for a sentence for life without parole.

Jeff McCord, the gunman in the murders of Alan and Terra Bates, was also found guilty and received life in prison but will be eligible for parole after serving only 25 years.


Jessica was insistent on controlling Alan following their divorce, using the children like pawns. And when she could no longer pull Alan’s strings and make him dance to her tune, she resorted to murder.

Now Jessica McCord spends her days in an Alabama prison. Ever single aspect of her life, from when she eats to when she sleeps, is controlled by others.

And in the end, Jessica lost her children.

Isn’t Karma a bitch?

Stay updated on the inmate status of Jeff and Jessica McCord at
the Alabama Department of Corrections website.

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117 Responses to “Jessica McCord: The Mother of Bitter Evil Ex Wives”

  1. BBB says:

    I think that she is mentally ill, quite obviously. I guess it is the stereotpye of the vengeful scorned ex-wife, but her problems startem much earlier in her life.

  2. Linda says:

    Scarry,scarry, and the problem is I have a friend whose son is going thru the same thing. I really thought maybe the story was a bit over the wall until I read the book. I just could not believe how this wife could get away with ignoring so many court orders. Now I feel so bad doubting them. SCARRY

  3. The assumption in most courtrooms of the USA, even in this day and age, is that in cases of divorce and childrearing, the worst mother is a better parent than the best father. Judges are very hesitant to award custody to fathers, even in extenuating circumstances.

    • Kim Cantrell says:

      Kirk, that’s simple no longer true. Other than the most Southern states which seem to follow the “tender years doctrine,” despite having removed it from their laws years ago, most states now are weighing both parents equally. Unfortunately, past behavior has led many fathers to believe this. However, we must remember that, before the TYD, custody of children automatically went to fathers (think late 1800s to 1920-ish or so) because the presumption was it was the wife who caused the husband to divorce and, because mothers were still homebound (not working) and were considered unable to earn enough to support their brood. So hopefully now the scales are actually becoming balanced.

      • R. Cooper says:

        Yes, past behaviors have led many fathers to believe it…I’m one! Kirk has a valid point and should not be readily dismissed as you obviously did. There’s no evidence, in my view, that courts/states are considering both parents on a symmetrical plane. In fact, in many instances, the determination for custody is one that has deliberate implications more often than not. Ma’am, the “scales” are not becoming more balanced!

        • Kim Cantrell says:

          Rather than narrowly looking at your own case or even within just your county, you need to look at the nation as a whole. There are numerous stories of fathers receiving custody and not just because the ex-wife was a horrific person. And, even more common now, is the splitting of time between the two parents equally; which, if done in the right way, is the very best for children when both parents are fit and proper custodians.

          • Not my case – happily married for 14 years with a 4 year old son. However, to your point, when I was a teenager, my parents were considering divorce (my mother was seeing some men on the side). My dad, the sole bread winner, was told by his attorney that if he filed for divorce, he’d lose custody, lose the real estate, lose at least one car, AND have to pay both alimony and child support. Come south of the Mason-Dixon line and you’ll see that fathers, in fact, don’t routinely get a fair shake. All other things being equal, fathers’ custody is limited because the child support payments MUST be met which routinely means those fathers work more than one full time job. Our society’s only way of coping with fathers who don’t pay the court-mandated payment is to throw those dads in jail. A huge American problem.

            Again, in much of the USA, fathers can hope for “at best” 50/50 split custody, while mothers hope for “at worst” 50/50 split custody. The burden is on the father to show that either he is an exemplary parent, or that the mother is unfit. Anything less, and it’s “alternate weekends” for most divorced dads. I’m sorry if that’s inconvenient to consider. It’s a sad truth. Less so in progressive states, true, but still a very common outcome.

    • Taz says:

      Your mother sounds like a right scrubber.

  4. R. Cooper says:

    Karma isn’t the bitch, at least, not in this particular instance. The bitch was truly Jessica, the conceiver of this heinous act. Karma was simply the residual circumstance of her murderous deed.

  5. Taz says:

    What a tragedy for all concerned.

    Poor Jessica. A mother who loves her kids.

    • nany says:

      “Loves her kids??!!” Jessica McCord is incapable of loving anything or anyone!! She is consumed by selfishness and the evil that drives her to control everything and everyone around her. Especially her kids. They were nothing but pawns to her. I hope she rots in prison because she deserves it. Evil to the core.

      • Taz says:

        Jessica is a mother wronged. Bless her.

        • beccar says:

          She was not a good mother! She murdered her children father! How is that love in any way, shape, or form? She is a narcissus and a sociopath at best! How on earth can you justify your statement of her being a good mother is what I would love to hear?!?!

          • Taz says:

            Her hsuband did the killing.

          • Kenny McCormick says:

            @ Taz.

            That doesn’t make her any less culpable. She planned the murders. According to the law, that makes her guilty of murder, regardless of whether or not she pulled the trigger.

  6. southernbelle says:

    Are you serious, Taz?

  7. Taz says:

    Yes. It is a tragedy for all concerned.

  8. Stephen says:

    Great article! I’ll never forget that night. My wife and I were at home watching a movie and thought we heard fireworks on the other side of the neighborhood, the night of this shooting.

    A few days later, we went out to jog around the neighborhood and were stopped by reporters at the McCord’s house in Hoover. We didn’t know what was going on until the reporter explained the double homicide. What we thought were fireworks were the actual death shots, and even today that’s a disturbing feeling to know we heard the shots that ended the lives. Still haunts me to this day.
    – Stephen

    • beccar says:

      Stephen, I am so very sorry that you had to endure that awful experience! I do hope that you and your wife do find peace at some point and time in your life! You truly sound as if to be a very caring man and I only wish you the very best. How is your wife doing with it all? Is she struggling like yourself? Again, I wish that you and your wife would not have heard that. Thank you for sharing that with all of us.

  9. Brawny71 says:

    The bitch’s mother was convicted of perjury. Awesome.

  10. Taz says:

    Jessica paid a heavy price and was not the killer.

    It is shameful this loving mother is in jail for life.

    • beccar says:

      I so believe you to be a bit off yourself Taz! What is your definition of love? Is murdering your child’s loving father and then growing up knowing that your mother murdered your own father, is that what you consider love? If so, wow, that’s insane!!

      • Bob says:

        Let’s return to reality here. The victims’ parents had to beg the court to take the death penalty off the table for Jessica. Jessica set up the crime scene, set up the victims, and stood there as the murder. She lied about her actions, even very simple non-illegal actions, through her entire testimony. Evidence showed that each one of her statements was a lie. She was unanimously convicted by a jury of her peers. Her husband, the shooter, copped to the entire crime, including Jessica’s involvement. Her husband had no motive to commit this crime other than to satisfy Jessica’s demands to get it done. He’s serving 25 to life. Yes, two families suffered, and especially all of Jessica’s children, who did NOTHING wrong. Let’s not dishonor those children by pretending that Jessica – a twice-convicted 1st degree murderer – is worthy of our pity as well.

      • Taz says:

        Jessica killed no one.

        • Bob says:

          That’s not how the law works. Jessica:

          1) set up the crime scene (conspiracy to commit capital murder)
          2) enticed Alan and Terra to enter the house around the back door (where the shooter waited) (conspiracy to commit capital murder)
          3) watched as the shootings occurred (accomplice/conspirator to a capital murder)
          4) helped place the bodies in the car (disturbing a crime scene, conspiracy to commit murder aafter the fact)
          5) placed fake phone calls to throw off the police (conspiracy to commit murder after the fact)
          6) drove one of the vehicles across the state line (federal felony murder, obstruction of justice, federal felony grand theft auto)
          7) helped burn the car across the state line (federal felony murder, federal obstruction of justice)
          8) hid from federal and state investigators (federal obstruction of justice)
          9) lied to federal and state investigators (federal obstruction of justice)
          10) lied in a deposition statement to federal investigators (federal obstruction of justice, federal perjury, state perjury)
          11) lied under oath on the witness stand in a state trial (state perjury)
          12) lied during the sentencing phase (state perjury)

          Under federal state and federal laws, these numerous felonies (15? 20?) make her a significant party to the murder because the murder could not or would not have occurred without her detailed and extensive involvement.

          In the eyes of the law, vetted numerous times by the US Supreme Court, she is indeed a murderer.

          If I force you at gunpoint to walk backwards and you trip and fall into a cliff (dying), I didn’t technically murder you. However, I caused your death, and the legal system would find that I intentionally caused your death.

          Which is called murder. Sorry to throw a wet blanket on your funny little ideas.

        • Dude... says:

          Hitler never physically killed anyone either.

    • Bob says:

      If you don’t know her or how she treated her numerous children by numerous fathers, you’re not at all qualified to speak on whether she’s a “loving” mother. She used her children as pawns in her emotional game, depriving them at every turn to hurt her ex-husbands (not a typo). Read up on the case and you’ll see how “loving” she was.

  11. rara says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Taz is someone close to the McCords. Who else would be sticking up for Jessica in the face of all she’s done? Is that you, Jessica? Or maybe her liar mom?

    • Taz says:

      I do not know the much wronged McCord family.

      • rara says:

        Well then you’re an internet troll that needs to be ignored. There is no way that anyone believes that Jessica or Jeff McCord were wronged and are innocent of what they’ve been convicted of. Defending these killers is a horrible offense to the memory of their victims as well as the surviving family members who have to live the rest of their lives without Alan and Tera.

  12. trish says:

    Evil evil …both of the mccord

    • Taz says:


      Jessica has lost her libert for a crime she did not commit

      God bless her.

      • Dude... says:

        Do you even understand how the law works? You don’t need to pull the trigger to be charged with murder.

        • Bob says:

          You’ll note that whenever someone responds to “Taz” with actual details of the crime, or the many crimes (felonies) Jessica committed leading up to the pulling of the trigger (as she watched, a crime known as lying in wait (separate felony) he/she doesn’t respond.

          Jessica broke federal, state, and local law dozens if not hundreds of times over the several years leading up to the murder. Committing extortion over email, phone, or US mail is a federal felony, and repeatedly committing, including in the moments leading up to the murder, is not the act of a “wronged” or “innocent” woman. This is a joke.

  13. Hey says:

    Hey, Taz. You think we should let Hitler off the hook for all the people who died in the Holocaust? I mean, technically, he didn’t actually kill any of those people, right?

    • Taz says:

      Godwins !!

      To compare Jessica to Hitler is like to compare a tomato to a combustion engine.

      Nothing to compare.

      Tonight I said a prayer for this victim of judicial vengeance, Jess.

      • Kenny McCormick says:


        • Taz says:

          Jess was not guilty of murder. She was not responsible for Jeff’s actions.

          She was a fine mother and loved her kids. That was her only crime.

          God bless Jess.

      • God says:

        Dear Taz,

        Please stop spamming my Prayer Box with pointless prayers for this wretched woman who is going to Hell.


  14. Bob says:

    “Victim of judicial vengeance.” That’s comedy gold.

    After victimizing her children for years, she planned a double murder and helped dumped the bodies across state line after setting them on fire. She was then convicted. Witnesses in her defense were convicted of perjury. She has not appealed.

    Sounds exactly how justice is described in the dictionary, encyclopedia, the Bill of Rights, the Constitution, the Bible, and the law text books.

    • Taz says:

      Even this evil article says the so-called evidence against Jess was circumstantial. IE nothing concrete.

      Jess is rotting in jail for the ‘crime’ of loving her kids.

      It sounds like the State machine maliciously went after some of the witnesses too.

      They must really hate Jess. Shame on them.

      • Kenny McCormick says:

        Dude, just be thankful that your precious Jessica wasn’t given the death penalty.

      • Kenny McCormick says:

        If you actually did some real research on the case, you’d realize that the evidence in this case shows that Jessica was with Jeff when the murders occurred. The very best you could possibly say about her is that she helped Jeff cover up the murders – which is still a crime.

        • Taz says:

          That does not prove the innocent Jess knew he would do it.

          • Kenny McCormick says:

            Let me ask you this then: What possible motive could Jeff have for committing these murders if his manipulative wife wasn’t the one who ORDERED him to do it?

          • Kenny McCormick says:

            And here’s another question: Why did Jessica make the phone call that LURED the victims to the location where they were killed? Why did she buy all the supplies necessary to cover up the murders right BEFORE the murders actually occurred. Why did she purchase those movie tickets to create a phony alibi – again BEFORE the murders occurred. Can you say “PREMEDITATION”?

          • Kenny McCormick says:

            Jessica’s actions in the time leading up to and immediately after the murders, show that she had planned this well in advance.

            If you want to dispute this, then do some research on the case and come back with some solid facts to back you up.

          • Kenny McCormick says:

            Actually, I take that back. They bought the supplies and the tickets after the murders. But she still lured Alan and Terra into the house to their deaths and set them up for her husband to shoot them. And she just didn’t let them into the house, she concocted a phony reason for them to go to a specific part of the house (specifically through the backdoor) where the murders took place. She knew exactly what was going to happen to them.

  15. Taz's Mom says:

    I do apologize for my son. He was born was some severe mental defects that make it impossible for him to grasp the obvious.

  16. Taz says:

    This article is a vile hatchet job and sets out to smear Jess from the is a biased distortion of the facts of the case.

    Jess rots in prison for the crime of loving her kids. Jeff will be out soon and he was the killer. Jess probably did not know Jeff was going to do this.

  17. Bob says:

    Since, as you’ve said, you know nothing of these people personally, and obviously don’t understand the legal definition of the word “murder” (to kill or to CAUSE TO HAVE KILLED a human being, especially with premeditation and motive), let someone (myself) who knew this story, and these people, three years before this crime occurred, tell you how it went down.

    You can keep acting like some kind of “internet lawyer” but you didn’t watch the case unfold. You don’t know these people.

    The state “going after” the witnesses…’re referring to her mother, who got caught lying under oath in the court case while trying to cover for herself and Jessica’s whereabouts?

    Or you’re referring to Jessica’s father, who was caught lying about whether he was driving around with a bloody couch (picked up at Jessica’s house) in the bed of his truck? Oh yeah, the state really “went after” him.

    The facts of the case? Since you obviously weren’t around for this case, here they are: Much of the murder supplies were purchased by Jessica on her credit card (brilliant!). Jessica made the phone calls that got the victims into the house. Jessica drove the getaway car across state line. Jessica cleaned up the crime scene, including bullet holes in the wall and blood on the floor. Jessica made fake cell phone calls to cover up their actions. Jessica purchased items (movie tickets) to help fabricate an alibi. Jessica fled with the children across state lines. Jessica was caught lying to police. Jessica was caught lying under oath in court.

    See? I’ve done it for you. I’ve included no motive or “he said/she said” or speculation. Those are the facts. In the eyes of the Bible (or any holy book) and in the eyes of most any country’s laws on this earth, those actions make Jessica McCord a stone cold murderer. That her husband simply pulled the trigger is a fact. That he confessed, and that his story aligns with the facts of the case (recovered bullets, DNA analysis of blood samples, etc) is why he’s serving 25 to life and she’s serving life without parole. Jessica has never confessed and in fact remains defiant in her few statements since her conviction, having an attitude of “I didn’t do it, but if I did, it was justified.”

    I really hope you’re just an internet troll because otherwise, you’re simply not very smart. If your town has an adult education program, you should definitely sign up. Reading comprehension is a really good life skill.

    • Taz says:

      The legal definition of murder stinks if that is the case.

      All Jess did was love her children and try to cover up for her murderous husband. That is a vulnerable woman not a bad person.

      God less Jess.

      • Kenny McCormick says:

        You knew, instead of repeating yourself like a fucking broken record, why don’t you do some fucking research and come up with some fucking facts that actually support your position, so you don’t come off as a fucking idiot?

  18. Taz says:

    God bless Jess.

  19. Taz says:

    If the law wants to jail a woman for loving her kids it cn. But it stinks.

    Free Jessica McCord.

  20. Kenny McCormick says:

    Hey, if you don’t like it, go to Russia.

  21. Maxie says:

    this lady needed to get a life! she was highly manipulative, controlling, and narcissistic. not to mention a socipoath. alan sounds as if he what every woman wants in a husband/father, but jessica did not appreciate it.

  22. Taz says:

    Tonight pray for Jess. An innocent incarcerated.

  23. Rayzin says:

    This comments section needs to be closed. Things are getting out of hand here.

  24. Rayzin says:


  25. Sally says:

    Taz is baiting all of you!! He or she is putting out a fishing line and reeling some of you in,hook,line and sinker and getting great satisfaction out of your reply’s.It actually funny reading the comments to Taz. I bet he or she is laughing at the havoc caused. Time for bed Taz-you have had your fun.

    • Taz says:

      If you had watched Jess’s ‘Snapped’ LIke Ihad you would know that thereis sufficient doubt that she had any guilt. Maybe assisting an offender but she is a prisoner for her love of her kids.

  26. Sally says:

    Taz is baiting all of you!! He or she is putting out a fishing line and reeling some of you in,hook,line and sinker and getting great satisfaction out of your reply’s.It’s actually funny reading the comments to Taz. I bet he or she is laughing at the havoc caused. Time for bed Taz-you have had your fun.

  27. Taz says:

    Last night Jess spent another night in jail for,a crime she did not commit.

    Free Jess. God bless Jess.

  28. Taz says:

    Free Jessica McCord. An innocent Mom who loved her kids.

  29. Taz says:

    Pray for Jess.

    • Ula says:

      For someone who claims to have based your judgement on a single segment of a television program, you are overly invested in Jessica McCord, Taz. If all your information comes from this one source, how can you be so completely convinced the police, the judge, the Bates family and a jury of Jessica’s peers who spent a year reviewing the evidence got it so very wrong? I don’t think you’re a troll, I doubt you’ve lost your marbles…after reading through your posts over months and months, I’m convinced you are a member of Jessica’s circle and thus utterly corrupted by her evil. You can claim she’s guilty of nothing until your fingers bleed on the keyboard, but nobody is buying it outside of your tiny group of people who can’t bring themselves to believe she duped you all.

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