Family Blood: The Murder That Shattered an All-American Home by Lyn Riddle (November 2003)

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November 2003
Pinnacle True Crime

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1 Star
On April 5, 2012
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A disorganized story from beginning to end, filled with "verbatim from the transcript" chapters - ugh!

Despite his typical, middle class upbringing, James “Jimmy” Robertson was a spoiled brat. His parents, Earl and Terry Robertson loved their son dearly, despite his being a slacker and the constant criminal charges centering around drugs and petty theft. They wanted to help him, so they allowed him to move back in with them at their Rock Hill, North Carolina, home.

Family Blood by Lyn RiddleJust two days before Thanksgiving on November 25, 1997, their good deed would not go unpunished. Calling his girlfriend, Meredith Leeann Moon over to the house, Robertson set about slashing his mother’s throat and beating his father to death with a claw hammer as he showered.

Lyn Riddle recounts the sad story of one more set of parents doing all they can to help their child who die a horrendous death for their valiant efforts in her 2003 true crime book Family Blood: The Murder That Shattered an All-American Home.

Although an interesting case, the author’s writing style leaves a lot to be desired. Readers are subjected to the long drawn out trial monologues that fail to reveal any twists or interesting theatrics. Even though I typically enjoy the writings of Lyn Riddle, Family Blood wasn’t one of them and, as a result, I don’t recommend it – just read the short story online.


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Jimmy Robertson remains on death row at the Lieber Correctional Institute in Ridgeville, South Carolina. His most recent scheduled date with lethal injection was November 10, 2010, but he received a stay of execution. A new date has not been set at the time of this writing.

Meredith Moon was paroled in June 2006 and is presently on supervised parole until 2016.

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