Blind Passion: A True Story of Seduction, Obsession, and Murder by John Glatt (March 2004)

Julie Marie Scully gained notoriety by being a “Page 6″ girl in The Trentonian. With her dark hair and skin and well-defined Navajo facial features, Julie was popular with readers and several times voted a favorite.

Blind Passion by John Glatt
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But behind the beauty lay a madness, a young woman who all but demanded her boyfriend propose marriage then was heartsick when he seemed indifferent to their relationship. Liquor and cocaine only fueled the insanity. Then toss in her mother with her own past drug-addiction and controlling issues and you have a perfect recipe for disaster.

Well, almost perfect.

After Julie gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, she found herself even more depressed. She loved her daughter but was disappointed at the weight she retained after her pregnancy and her husband’s continued lack of romance. Julie believed others were responsible for her happiness and when they didn’t fulfill their roles, she upped her usages of drugs and alcohol.

Then she met George Skiadopolous on a cruise. She was a passenger, he was a crew member. Despite knowing she was married, the Greek Casanova set out to seduce Julie and found his efforts needed only be minimal.

Before long Skiadopolous and Julie were embroiled in an intense affair and Julie announced she wanted a divorce and intended to move to Greece. Tim, Julie’s husband, made it clear he would not allow his daughter to live out of the country.

So leaving her daughter behind, Julie went to Greece to begin her new life with Skiadopolous. But things weren’t as green on the other side as Julie had imagined. And this time, instead of an indifferent husband, Julie found herself thousands of miles from home with a man who was determined his beautiful lady would never leave him.

Author John Glatt covers the story of how Julie Scully went from Page 6 to front page headlines when George Skiadopolous murdered her, whether it be to keep her from leaving him or to gain access to her $600,000 divorce settlement in his 2004 true crime Blind Passion: A True Story of Seduction, Obsession, and Murder.

Julie’s life is detailed in a way where it is obvious Glatt is sympathetic to the trouble young woman but without sugar-coating her many flaws. Just a couple of chapters into the book, readers have a pretty clear picture of the dysfunctional Scully family and Julie’s drug and alcohol addictions. Alternatively, when it comes to George, there is very, very little background information on him, leaving readers to wonder he became an internationally-known murderer.

In my opinion, Julie wasn’t a very sympathetic victim. Of course, I’m a mother who could never imagine leaving my children behind to run off with woman in a country thousands of miles away with them. Of course, I very, very, VERY rarely feel any empathy for a murderer, so there wasn’t any emotional leanings toward Georgie-boy either.

Despite this failure to evoke any emotion, other than for the Nist daughter, I still found Blind Passion a fantastic read. There is a lot – a lot – of drama that surrounds Julie Scully Nist (I’ve only disclosed a small inkling in this review) and readers will find they can’t put the book down because the happenings are one right after another.

Simply said, it’s page after page of downright insanity!

Updates from this book:

George Skiadopolous managed to get his sentence lowered through an appeal in 2002, making him eligible for release in 2007 but I could not locate any information as to whether he has been paroled as of this writing.

Tim Nist lives in Columbus, New Jersey, with his and Julie’s 17 year-old daughter. A social networking profile for the teenager shows her to look very much like her mother at that age.

Julia Scully passed away on April 28, 2010. Her son established a Facebook memorial page soon after her death.

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10 Responses to “Blind Passion: A True Story of Seduction, Obsession, and Murder by John Glatt (March 2004)”

  1. James says:

    I’m sorry but this is the truth, she got what was coming. She leaves her three year old daughter and a millionaire husband from all accounts never did anything to deserve her betraying him by having an affair with this scum and leaving her husband with HER three year old child. She was a selfish whore who only thought about her self, and it sadly costed her life. That is the bitter cold truth about this sad story, she should still be alive if she wasn’t self centered and thinking only for her self interests.

    • Jay says:

      I totally agree. I saw this story on “Murder in Paradise”. How is this woman a victim? It seems to me like her life ended as the result of nothing more than selfish and poor choices. She’s been described as someone who loved the attention and needed to be in the spotlight. That’s why she persued a modelling career and when “little miss narcissist” wasn’t getting the glitz, glamour and constant excitement from her surburban life any more, she decided to ditch it without even a thought to who it hurt (namely her husband and daughter), and run away from life to persue pleasure.

      Life is all about the choices we make. If a person’s life is defined by selfishness, narcissism, irresponsibility and materialism they will fall sooner or later. The only people I feel sorry for in this whole awful situation are her family members. I don’t feel one bit sorry for her.

    • Will says:

      Yet another woman who threw away a good life and met her fate looking for that bigger better deal. It happens all too often. She should have appreciated what she had. She was not a good person, she was an amoral dirtbag who got a dose of instant karma.

  2. MikeA says:

    I agree with James. in fact, I came here to post pretty much the same thing. She obviously cared only for herself and reaped what she sowed. Hey, anyone can be unfaithful, we’re all human. However, she didn’t have to use her husband’s hard earned money to support her lover and then add insult to injury by having him stay in the same house and likely sleeping in the guy’s own bed. Also, she didn’t have to expose her daughter to this creep. Then she abandon’s a 2-year old baby just so she can live in what she thought was paradise.

    When Discovery ID interviewed her friends they all said she was street smart. Obviously they were on crack when they said this. Here is a grown woman falling for the most obvious pick-up lines from a little toad-like creep. Then she buys the whole paradise thing in Greece, only to have a hard awakening when she goes there to live.

    Part of this is the divorce system here in the US. If women weren’t rewarded for infidelity with ridiculous alimony and child support, then maybe they wouldn’t think they could live the jetset life by abandoning their vows. Hey, if she thinks she can be happier, then go ahead. However, why does the man have to pay the price when he cheats and also when his wife cheats. Just once I’d like to see a fair divorce system where the person that chooses to leave is the one who is entitled to nothing (not just the man).

    This was obviously a very selfish, self-centered woman and I’m sorry to say that her daughter is probably better off without her. God knows the further hell that she would have put that child through if she had lived.

    • Jay says:

      I absolutely agree with this post too. It’s no different here in Canada. We have a legal system that is FAR too much in favor of women’s rights. When a woman like this chooses to be unfaithful with such reckless abandonment, for some reason the legal system still views her as some sort of “victim” and rewards her with half her husband’s hard earned money, alimony (which translates into 30-50% of his after tax income) for a seemingly unlimited amount of time, and child support payments (which let’s be honest are almost never used for the child but only to spend on her new lifestyle). I firmly believe that if a woman chooses to leave her husband – for whatever reason, that she takes nothing. She can’t have her cake and eat it too. If she wants the financial benefit of being married to a man, then she needs to stay with him. If she wants to be on her own, then she needs to be on her own in every sense of the word.

  3. Michelle Schenck says:

    She did not deserve to die. But she was a sorry excuse of a wife and mother. I can’t believe she got joint custody after the divorce. As far as I am concerned she lost all rights as a mother after what she did. She also had the gaul to spend her husband’s money on this bastard. I bet that is the only reason he dated this tramp. He thought that if Julie divorced her husband she would get half of his millions. Then he was planning to kill her so he would inherit the money. As far as I am concerned this tramp was not entitled to one cent of her husband’s money. Why should Julie be rewarded for being a tramp. She actually thou thought that she had the right to take her daughter to Greece with her. She had absolutely no to rights to Katie after what she did. She should ha e been stripped of her maternal rights, and never been allowed to see Katie again. I can’t believe she got a $600,000 divorce settlement. She did not deserve a single cent of that money.

  4. Esme says:

    My goodness, I’m so honored to know such perfect people as the three self-righteous, judgmental idiots who commented before me exist. I have to shudder at the obvious enjoyment you seem to be getting out of the death of a beautiful young woman because she didn’t follow a boring, circumscribed life such as you big fat zeroes have done. I hope none of you ever have something similar happen to a troubled loved one and then find that not only do others not sympathize, but they also get some kind of satisfaction out of it. Then again, maybe something like that does happen to you. You might learn something from it, you pathetic losers.

    • Kristi says:

      Wow…you’re a nasty piece of work, huh? I love people who moan about negative posters and then proceed to throw out all kinds of vitriol and hate in the process. Methinks you’re the “big, fat loser” on this board.

  5. Scully says:

    I have an uncle and aunt who separated after my aunt became involved with an officer. When I was two years old, my dad got a call from his brother-in-law. My aunt had been murdered by the officer in Greece.
    My dad was devastated. Their parents had not been the best, so Dad and his sister became closer than most siblings do. He immediately got me and my brother a babysitter and took my mom with him to get my aunt’s body.
    You see, Julie was my aunt. I never got to meet her, thanks to the man she misplaced her trust in. I am not saying she was perfect; in fact, from what I have heard, she was far from it. However, she was a person who wanted love. If you feel something is lacking in your life, wouldn’t you try to fill the void? That’s what Aunt Julie tried to do and unfortunately, it backfired on her.
    When I see the kinds of comments that I see up there, I get a little mad. I can understand where you all are coming from, but at the same time, you sound a little heartless about Julie. She tried to have a fulfilling life and made the wrong decisions about it. She died because of them! Don’t you think that is punishment enough? She doesn’t need people, who do not actually know the situation, to be hateful.
    Julie is not perfect; are you?

  6. Ashley says:

    Just saw this on ID discovery. I agree with the others post I don’t feel bad for this women. About 15 minutes into the show, I heard them saw she left her husband and 2 year old daughter to be with a 22 year old guy in Greece. I was like wow! And the mother of the year award goes to… it’s not about being perfect and being traditional, what about being grateful for what you had. She had a good husband a beautiful daughter a great life, beautiful home, family friends, I mean this women had it ALL, but that wasn’t enough for her. She was a selfish women, and she met her fate. Her daughter is old enough now to know how her mother met her demise. I feel bad that her daughter knows what her mom left her and her dad to move away and live with some guy and he ended up killing her. There’s no reason why she couldn’t be alive today, she brought that on herself.

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