Kiss of the She-Devil by M. William Phelps (March 2013)

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March 2013
Pinnacle True Crime

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On March 6, 2013
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Starts out a little slow but then really picks up the crazy, er, pace.

Kiss of the She Devil by M. William Phelps
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Donna Trapani was in love with married business associate George Fulton and he had, at one time, said the same about her. But when push came to shove, George had returned to Michigan and decided to work on his marriage.

Donna was outraged. Her lies about being pregnant and dying of cancer had done nothing to sway her lover to stay in Florida with her. It was all Gail’s fault, Donna believed. George’s wife was too dependent on him. Gail, claimed Donna, used their adult children to guilt her husband. And, Donna told anyone who would listen, Gail was suicidal.

Yes, it was all Gail. And if something happened to Gail, Donna was sure she’d win the man she loved.

Using her powers of persuasion, or manipulation and bullying as it should actually be described, Donna Trapani convinced her friend Sybil Pagett to find someone willing to kill Gail for fifteen thousand dollars.

In his latest book, Kiss of the She-Devil, true crime author and host of I.D. Discovery’s Dark Minds M. William Phelps, presents readers with the story of a mistress who felt entitled to a married man just because she had fallen in love with him.

The story centers around real-life Fatal Attraction that begins in sunny Florida and ends chilly October night in Michigan. Donna Trapani is even more mentally disturbed than Glenn Close’s character in the aforesaid movie.

Readers can only watch helplessly from the pages of this book as Gail mourns the loss of a twenty year marriage to an obvious psychopath – a woman who tells a story of being pregnant with George’s baby and insisting Gail raise the child as her own. And as her world comes crashing down around her, Gail is made out to be the crazy one of the bunch.

My heart ached for Gail and my anger seethed at the cruelty Donna heaped upon the broken-hearted woman. Quite frankly, Donna Trapani is the poster child for the death penalty as her crime was as selfish as any I’ve ever read about. Too bad “Tramp”ani didn’t tangle with this old gal’s husband because I can assure you it would have been her last go-round with a married man – if you get my drift.

Kiss of the She-Devil might start off a tad slower than I like but in the end, it’s a tale which will elicit a great deal emotion from readers and leave them thinking, “Truth really is stranger than fiction.”

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