The Charmer: The True Story of Robert Reldan – Rapist, Murderer and Millionaire – and the Women who Fell Victim to his Allure by Richard Muti and Charles Buckley (April 2012)

Publication Date:
April 2012
Titletown Publishing

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5 Stars
On May 15, 2012
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Despite a slow start, this book soon blasts off with a gripping story that I believe will be one of 2012's best books.

Robert Reldan grew up in the lap of luxury. His maternal aunt had married a wealthy man and when he passed, leaving his widow Lillian Booth more than 50 million dollars, she lavished her nephew and his siblings with all the finer things in life.

And when “Bob” grew into a young man with an over-inflated sense of entitlement and dark side that enjoyed preying on women, snatching his victims from streets or barging into their homes, to rape and murder them, Aunt Lillian was there to pay for the best defense money can buy.

The Charmer by Richard Muti and Charles BuckleyNever suffering any real consequences for his actions, Reldan was set free time and time again to brutalize women just as several Court psychiatrist and other officials had warned he was capable of doing.

Reldan’s crimes are a maze of million-dollar fortunes, injustice, the family ties that bind – in more ways than one, forgiveness and denial, and the crusade by victims’ families to stop a killer from gaining an inheritance which could possibly buy his way to freedom…again.

Authors Richard Muti and Charles Buckley tackle the convoluted tale of Ronald Reldan in their 2012 true crime book The Charmer: The True Story of Robert Reldan – Rapist, Murderer and Millionaire – and the Women who Fell Victim to his Allure.

These prosecutors-turned-writers offer up the story in a manner of fact style, not reliant on fluff and filler, and discloses a lot of behind-the-scenes matters previously ignored by the media.

Initially, it took me a chapter or two to get the rhythm of The Charmer, it was seemingly too “dry” and I wasn’t sure if I could keep reading But the story intrigued me and I carried on. I’m glad I did because, in no time, I couldn’t stop reading. And even now that I’m done, I can’t stop asking myself, “How the &#@* did Reldan get away with so much.

The Charmer is definitely one of 2012′s “must read” books. It may take a couple of chapters for it to really grab you but, when it does, it won’t let go!


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