Charles Manson movie: Helter Skelter (1976)

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On July 19, 2013
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Even made for television, the original "Charles Manson movie" is better than the 2004 remake.

The original Charles Manson movie, Helter Skelter is based on the book by the same name authored by Vincent Bugliosi, the prosecutor in the Manson Murders trial.

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2 Responses to “Charles Manson movie: Helter Skelter (1976)”

  1. [...] See the interactive map of Charles Manson murder scenes and other points of interest. Then catch the full length 1976 movie Helter Skelter. [...]

  2. I have to respond. As a Sharon. I remember seeing an interview with Charles Manson years ago in which he stated that he talked to God. I don’t want to ever meet Charles Manson; but, he is a part of my life; and always has been. When I moved here almost 7 years ago, I encountered Peter. Peter began telling me about how he talked to God. But, it was the way that Peter said it. “Like, you know, when I am reading a book, and I have to get something to eat, God will say to me, put the book down now, Peter, and go get something to eat”. Oh, I know exactly what that is, I said. Something about they way you said it, I just got it. Its your thoughts! Those of us in mainstream society call that having a thought. And, with my new-found ‘we might be on a jet or some other type of flying apparatus’ theory, that makes sense. There is more to the story; but that is the brunt of it. And, that is the truth. Sharon Elizabeth Creamer

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