Evidence of Love by John Bloom and Jim Atkinson (1984)

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You just can't beat old-school true crime - especially when it's as good as this!

Evidence of the Love by John Bloom and Jim Atkinson
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It was 1979. Candy Montgomery was a wife, a full time mother to two young children, and very active in the Lucas, Texas Methodist church. But she was bored.

Feeling that her marriage to Pat Montgomery was the source of her boredom, Candy went looking to have an affair. Her first lover would be Allan Gore.

Like Candy, Allan believe his marriage had gone stale but he wasn’t looking to cheat until Candy made her proposition.

The affair would last for a few months before Allan called it quits, deciding to refocus on his wife, Betty Gore.

Unfortunately, that would not simply be the end of it.

In June 1980, Betty was found murdered in the utility room of her home; butchered to death by 41 whacks from an ax.

Authors John Bloom and Jim Atkinson make no effort to hide the killer’s identity right out of the gate in their 1984 true crime book Evidence of Love. Nope, readers know Candy is the killer.

But before they disclose why Candy killed Betty (and it isn’t as simple as the affair with Allan), readers are taken on intense journey that scrutinizes the lives of real desperate housewives. Nothing is left untold in this book, unlike many of the news reports and the made-for-tv movie of the day. The childhood histories, the search for husbands, the secrets between friends, the contractual-style affair, the steamy seductions, the image maintenance – oh yeah, it’s ALL there!

Evidence of Love is one of the BEST true crime books (easily in the top 10) of all time. The ultimate dislosures, perfectly woven story with a bang ending will make you want more, more, MORE! It’s a true crime classic that you don’t want to miss!

Where Are They Now?

Believe it or not, Candy Montgomery, now using her maiden name of Candace Wheeler is working as a therapist in Dawsonville, Georgia – or at least she was. According to a couple of demanding emails I have received from her daughter, the owner of a counseling firm, Candace no longer works in that particular facility – despite several “newsletter” type publications online which state otherwise.

As of December 2010, Pat Montgomery, now known as James Montgomery, was employed with EMS Technologies Defense & Space Division in Norcross, Georgia.

Allan Gore and Elaine Williams eventually divorced (no surprise -right?) but not before losing custody of the girls to Bob and Bertha Pomeroy. After losing custody, he became estranged from his daughters. However, as of this writing, Allan has both daughters as a friend on his Facebook account. He currently lives in Eastport, Maine, with his wife Lindy McClellan Gore.

Alisa Gore, now known as Lisa Harder, is married to a successful building contractor. With their two sons, they live together in Newton, Kansas.

Bethany Gore (very) recently tied the knot and became known as Mrs. Chad Mickey. The couple is residing in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Charles “Bob” Pomeroy passed away June 13, 2003, and was followed by his wife, Bertha Hancock Pomeroy on January 4, 2010.

Attorney Don Crowder committed suicide in 1999.

A made-for-television movie about this case aired in 1990. Titled Killing In A Small Town it is available on DVD and VHS. The following video shows the first 2 minutes, 30 seconds of the movie:

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13 Responses to “Evidence of Love by John Bloom and Jim Atkinson (1984)”

  1. Propagatrix says:

    Author John Bloom is better known as “Joe Bob Briggs.”

  2. BETH_SOARS says:

    I am amazed how this woman got away with killing a woman and her unborn child because her mom said Shhh to her when she was six. WOW!

    • Tammark555 says:

      I am amazed too but it wasn’t an unborn child, she was a year old and she left her in a play pen alone all night in the house. Very sad.

    • L.A says:

      The book missed the real story. Allen paid Candy to murder his wife Betty. Allen and Candy were still in fact still having sex, they both lied about that at the time. Her attorney knew soon after he took the case what really happen. In Fact this whole murder was planed around a made for TV movie that appeared on TV just week’s before Candy murdered Betty.
      This murder was almost a joke if had not been for the sad fact that a woman was killed. The movie was The Legend of Lizzie Borden, the actress who played Lizzy was none other than Elizabeth Montgomery, and many people had called Candy, Elizabeth.
      The plan was for Candy to go there and use the ax that was in the garage, and to hack her 40 plus time just like in the movie. Then, take a shower, just like in the movie, put her same clothes on and go back to church wearing the same clothes so no one would see a change in her attire. That is why Allen called repeatedly that day and nigh. had nothing to do with Betty being afraid like Allen lied about.
      Fact: Allen s mother in law was furious at him because he didn’t seem upset about Betty, he finely told her, he was not upset because him and Betty were not getting along with each other. Fact: just a couple of months after the trial Allen marries Elaine Clift, who just happen to be a neighbor down the street. yea, right. And this, is the true story of what happen on that day of Friday the 13 1980 on Dogwood Drive in Wylie, Texas.

      • James W says:

        LA, you are an idiot. You clearly were not there nor did any research with the Collin County justice system before casting your condescending and inaccurate comments. I am pretty certain the authors of this book had the intelligence to check their facts before writing, unlike you did before casting your ignorant thoughts. From someone that knew this story well, this book is incredibly accurate.

        • LA says:

          It’s sad that morons like you are allowed to roam the earth. For your info, I was very close the the case and lived right down the road in Garland , Texas and worked for the Collins Country Sheriff Department. We knew a lot about this case that was never told to the public or some half ass writer. Why, because idiots like you is why.
          We knew she came to Betty’s home withe the intent to killer. We knew she took a shower after killing her. We knew she left the news paper open that showed ad’s for Friday the 13, and we knew they were took there because Betty and Allen didn’t take the news paper. We knew a lot of things, but knowing and proving them in a court of law are two different things. We also knew Allen and Betty were still having somewhat of a relationship. So before you open you big pie hole about something you DON’T have a clue about, keep it for your moron family that might believe you.

          • Kim Cantrell says:

            LA, your need to be insulting and the name-calling actually give you very little credibility.

            Being the ex of a police officer, I know full well how cops believe they know what happened but, fact of it is, unless they were actually there at the crime, they have nothing but theories. And sometimes, quite frankly, it’s nothing more than the typical rumors spread among civilians.

            That said… nothing of what you’ve presented shows Candy as THE prime suspect as a killer. Now, understand, not for a minute do I not believe she killed her but the passion motive makes much more sense than what you’ve stated above. The “evidence” you’ve presented would point toward anyone. The actual, publicized facts align more with a woman scorned – Candy.

            Written demeanor aside, I still do not buy your theory Alan sent her there. Yes, he played a role; he had an affair with an obviously crazy woman. But that was his only role. Everything else fell strictly to Candy. It’s the theory that fits the evidence, not the other way around – as it’s supposed to be.

  3. Samanthathompson46 says:

    WTF????!!!!!! Working as a therapist??? Wow, after hacking someone up……. Texas sure knows how to deliver justice………NOT!!!!!

  4. [...] in the community refused to believe Candy Montgomery‘s tale of self-defense and believe she got away with cold-blooded [...]

  5. DizzyBlueBaby says:

    Kudos, Kim, for your rationale response. I love reading a good debate between two posters, but when it no longer becomes discussion and descends to bufoonish name calling-I’m done. I appreciate intelligent debate, and opposing opinions can add a lot to the discussion. Too bad this one went south so quickly.

    • Kim Cantrell says:

      Thanks, Dizzy! I love debates too but I hate the insanity the internet brings out in people. They say things in a manner they would never have the nerve to say to someone face to face. Sigh.

  6. A. says:

    I have been to the Collin County Courthouse and have gone through the entire 2 boxes of evidence in this case. LA- There is nothing in the police reports even suggesting that Allan paid Candy to commit this murder. There is also no mention of a “Lizzie Borden” movie theory. I did not read one piece of paper that theorized that Candy and Allan might have conspired to murder Betty. You’ve got your “facts” wrong. I read and study a lot of true crime cases and the crime scene photos in this case are the WORST I’ve ever seen. I still can’t believe the jury found Candy not guilty. Such a sad case.

  7. S.B. says:

    I knew this family, and must say they are boringly normal. Affairs happen, and the jury found her not guilty. As far as cops “knowing” stuff, that is way too funny. Let them live a normal life!

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