Ladykiller: The True Story of a Texas Cop and Wife Killer by Donna Fielder (March 2012)

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March 2012
Berkley True Crime

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4 Stars
On May 5, 2012
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At times the author gets a little off track with her personal stories but, fortunately, wrangles them back in pretty quickly for an overall interesting read.

Bobby Lozano thought he was God’s gift to women; tanning his natural-brown Mexican skin to an even tone, wearing expensive tailored suits in his job as a detective with the Denton, Texas, police, and dieting and exercising to maintain a perfect physique.

But Bobby was not a one-woman man. No, Bobby liked having a wife, a mistress, and scores of other women on the side whom he could have at his beck and call – and control.

Ladykiller by Donna FielderHis wife, Viki Lozano, had been under his control for sixteen years but it’s likely Bobby saw it all unraveling when she delivered their only child – a child Bobby had told his wife and mother-in-law would never exist because pregnancy made a woman fat and sloppy. Viki adored her son and many would later say it was the happiest they had ever seen her.

Just after midnight on the day following Bobby and Viki’s sixteenth anniversary, Bobby snuck out to visit his mistress, Cindy Waters, who had just recently called it quits with him after realizing he was never going to leave Viki. With his promises of undying love, Bobby wormed his way back into Cindy’s bed.

Later that day, July 6, 2002, Viki was dead.

Was it a suicide? A horrible accident? Or did Bobby Lozano, who realized leaving Viki meant leaving behind her mother’s wealth, find a way out of the marriage while still having access to the purse strings?

Denton Record-Chronicle reporter Donna Fielder never believed it was a gun-cleaning accident as Bobby claimed and she felt certain it wasn’t a suicide. Too many thing just didn’t add up. And she vowed to uncover the truth.

In her debut book Ladykiller, Fielder chronicles the case the case from it’s very beginning, the nerve-wrecking twists, all the way through until the triumph end eight years later. Well written with plenty of insider and first-hand research and interviews, the book is a pretty good read. But…

When an author begins a book with “I,” it always elicits a groan from me since seldom does a first person recount of true crime end up being good. But I quickly came to realize the “I” here was important since Fielder played a huge role in getting justice for Viki.

Admittedly, there are times the “I” ventures too far off track, such as with the story of the turning of an older woman’s cell phone before the beginning of Court or being sandwiched between two officers to the point of immobility, but overall it’s a good read.

Ladykiller may not be the best book of the year, but let me put it this way: if Donna Fielder wrote another true crime, I would certainly read it.


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