Missing Monday: Alicia Amanda Stokes of Oakland, California

Alicia Amanda StokesAlicia Amanda Stokes, or Mandy as she preferred to be called, had argued with her brother on the morning of Saturday, November 25, 2007, but according to Aaron Stokes everything was fine when the 33 year-old psychology major left their apartment to run errands.

“I yelled from the shower ‘I love you …’ She just tapped on the door and said goodbye,” the 28-year-old Aaron man recalled.

Two days later, Mandy’s car was found locked and abandoned near a ravine on Park Boulevard. Her purse, containing her wallet, identification, iPod, and cell phone, was found in the vehicle. A check of cell phone records revealed Mandy had been talking with her boyfriend in New York while she would have been driving. Further investigation uncovered the call had been disconnected but investigators are unsure of whether it was because of disrupted service or the phone was turned off. The car’s battery was dead. It had been towed because it was blocking traffic.

In December 2007, investigators collected potential evidence which they believe indicates Mandy was murdered at the apartment. As a result, suspicion has fallen heavily on Mandy’s brother who was known to have a serious drug addiction problem at the time of Mandy’s disappearance. However, Aaron endured a nine hour interrogation with investigators and walked away a free man – as he still is today.

During a March 2010 interview, Deborah Murray, Mandy’s mother, stated, “No one has heard from or seen her since. There has been no activity on her cell phone or bank account. Up until she disappeared, we never went a day without talking unless she was camping or otherwise unavailable. It is not like her not to communicate with someone in the family, especially me, but not one person has seen or heard from her since the morning she went missing.”

Mandy is originally from North Carolina and had relocated to California to study psychology at John F. Kennedy University but had taken a semester off from school with the intent to relocate to the East coast to be closer to her boyfriend and mother. Mandy’s father had died four years prior to her disappearance and friends and family say she continued to grieve her father’s death at the time of her disappearance which, along with other personal issues, had lead to a “mental breakdown” but none believed it to be to the point of being suicidal.

If you have information about the disappearance or possible whereabouts of Alicia Amanda “Mandy” Stokes, please contact the Oakland Police Department at 510.238.3641.

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53 Responses to “Missing Monday: Alicia Amanda Stokes of Oakland, California”

  1. shayna says:

    Aaron MURDERED HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • J. rihe says:

      I do not think the word “MURDER” is right, i believe that the argument got very heated, and when you are an addict like Aaron, demons come out. I think it was accidental, and he panicked. the sad part, if this is indeed what or how it happened, he probably would not have even gone to jail. If it was intentional, then that is something he will carry for eternity, But it does not take a rocket scientist to see, he did this.

  2. shayna says:

    Spray luminol in the apt. Aaron murdered his sister there.

  3. Suzanna says:

    I have new info on this case that Oakland Police would not take seriously. How can I contact her mother or family?

    • bk says:

      Keep calling the Oakland police until they do listen, or, find Mandy’s family through facebook. Call the show “Disappeared” and try that. Go to your local detectives or police department and see if there’s anything they can do to help.

      Don’t stop until someone listens to you!
      Her family deserves at least that.

  4. Kimberly says:

    Try Facebook under Mandy Stokes.
    Post the info there for the family to see.
    I am sure her Mother checks it daily.
    I would.
    I wish that a detective could manage to get Aaron to trip himself up. He did it and the people they were affiliated with in the drug world helped dispose of her.

    • J. rihe says:

      No Aaron did this on his own, no-one else helped.. if they had, someone would have talked by now, people always talk. I do believe it was not intentional… RAGE

  5. Chella says:

    Suzanna I wish you could share this new info with us!! I hope the find her and get the ppl who did this!!

  6. Nicky says:

    Gut feeling her own brother killed her. Tragic. So sad.

  7. Michelle says:

    This is disturbing. Just watched the ID show. What creeps me out I own a property on Hillsborough and Wesley, and live off East 18th! Scary…her brother needs to be pulled on the carpet more.
    Also, I never saw anything on the local news about this, but then again I was a full time working new mum. Just sickens me a bit

  8. Beetle says:

    I was reading where an Aaron Stokes was murdered in 2010. Is this her brother?

  9. Suzanna says:

    Yes Aaron is her brother. Stop blaming people like you are it’s disgusting.

  10. nancy says:

    Just watching the show now. Is aaron dead?

  11. Terri Machado says:

    look, you all need to stop listening to Suzanna!’ She is a lunitic ex wife of My nephew who cuts her self ! Dave tried to get her help 24/7 for her mental illness! Extorting money from him!! Leave these nice people alone Suzanna! If anyone wants to hear about her mental illness please feel free to call me!! We are upstanding people from America! Suzannas upset because my nephew cut her funds off and threatened to get even with him! I’m sorry she came here ! I never had the pleasure to meet Mandy! Please accept my opplozies for this but you need to stop listening to the girl from Sweden!

  12. Suzanna says:

    Hi Terri how awful to see you here. Dont do this to Mandy’s family here. I talk to her family about what I know- I never talk to strangers about it. It’s very desperate and stupid of you to do this and extremely lack of respect to start a war here. I’m diagnosed with borderline so save your breath I can explain that if anyone wants to know. But like I said I don’t talk to people here about anything. Write me if you feel you really need to write someone and tell them you hate me.

  13. Terri Machado says:

    And what are you doing right now? Leave my family alone! I have nothing to say to you!

    • Tammy says:

      You sound paranoid. Please have respect for Mandy and her family.stop posting anything but, information on Mandy’s disappearance …unless you have so information ?

  14. Suzanna says:

    I won’t discuss this further here. Just show some respect for Mandy and her family.

  15. Terri Machado says:

    You should practice what you preach !

  16. Suzanna says:

    If your nephew has nothing to hide he should just talk to the police and he will be fine. I needed to come forward since he had a lot of information he never shared to the police or Mandy’s family. I say we let police handle this because I will not have a war here with my ex husbands aunt. Mandy disappearing obviously has nothing to do with me leaving your nephew. There.

  17. Tammy says:

    This is a page for information on Mandy. So Please keep this a priority , god be with Mandy and her family . May she be found , so the family can stop this constant wondering, as a mother this is the worst pain in the world.

  18. Terri Machado says:

    Yes your right! I will stay off here! I feel so sad! I hope she is found soon! God bless this family! I keep posting for Elizabeth Smart who was from Stockton!.:(

  19. Terri Machado says:

    I mean Kristen!! My sister worked with her DAd!

  20. Lawrence says:

    I pray they find her for her family and friends’ sake.This is so sad and painful.

  21. J. rihe says:

    I know a family does not want to believe a brother could do this, but it happens, maybe it was an accident, but he did this.. he said she went to run errands, she would have had her atm card or checkbook, how did Aaron end up with both?? 1.he does not report her missing,2. will not allow police in the apartment(this is a man who says he yelled “i love you” before she left. 3. drains her accounts of 1000′s of dollars(the family keeps making excuses for him -drugs)4. she was starting a new life in New York which would have left Aaron on his own to find a place to live.5. she would have needed that money to move to N.Y.6.he is seen using atm not far from where the car is. 7. her billfold,keys, and phone are in the glove box(this is something someone who knew her would do) a stranger would have disposed of them. 8.he flat out refuses to help or assist the police in anyway, took off to Oklahoma. It is time the family confronts him and put a stop to this, and stop making excuses for him… the police know he did something, and so does every-one else, open your eyes!!! did the police ever check the drivers seat of the car? did it look as though someone short or tall was driving???? You owe to both children to get the truth out before Aaron dies. AARON DID THIS, ACCIDENTAL OR IN A RAGE. get the truth…the POLICE know…

  22. J. rihe says:

    Also I pray Aaron has the strength to come forward, using drugs just changes people, it brings out the demon’s.. I really think it was accidental, and he did not know what to do.. I hope and pray to GOD he just comes clean and tells the truth, if not to police, at least the family….and the family needs to get the truth from him.. there is a reason Aaron has distanced himself from the rest of the family. it’s called GUILT. help him before it is too late.

  23. Mark N. says:

    does anyone know whether they actually went down into the Ravine where her car was found to be close to if not maybe they should. Sounds like if her Brother did do it that would have been the perfect place to get rid of her body, am hoping that this is the case and if not then check it could be that it may hold her final resting place and this will give the family the closer it needs

  24. MW says:

    To anyone who read this book: did they discuss her background, her childhood, and how she could have gone on for so many years without getting treatment?? I don’t know if it’s a state issue but in some places, family members can have someone in their family committed without their consent. I don’t know if that was the reason where she was, that either none of her family paid attention to her and how she was behaving OR they could not do anything, legally. I wonder which one it is. I’m thinking of getting the book but that’s the one thing I want to know: how did she become so “unbalanced” with out any intervention? OR was she really not that bad and they were just evil kids? I’m thinking out loud here, LOL. As I said, I’d buy the book just to find the answer to that question, IF there is an answer. I’ve seen and read many true crime stories but this one just leaves me thinking that there’s something that wasn’t told or presented in the TV show about this crime. In the TV show, somethings missing because it just doesn’t make sense for it to have happened the way it did. They made her out to be not as “ill” as she would’ve needed to be, for that to happen, in my opinion. They just did not cover her history with mental problems enough for me to understand how the crime could have occurred. DID THEY DO THIS IN THE BOOK?

  25. MW says:

    By the way did they find her other body parts? If so, when, and where? I don’t recall.

  26. Suzanna says:

    Other body parts? They haven’t found any body parts at all? Or did I miss something here?

    • MW says:

      I know when she was found, she was missing her head & her hands. When and where were those found, have they been found at all, or where they found immediately?

  27. MW says:

    There aren’t many crimes that shock me anymore but the ones involving children (and I mean 12-year-olds and younger), either killing their parents or each other, totally baffles me. Recently, there were two12 year old girls who stabbed another 12-year-old friend of theirs, another girl, and this had been PLANNED for three months in advance. There are really too many crimes like this to name. This just DID NOT happen when I was that age (I wasn’t aware of it, anyway and I read the paper so I would know and remember.). WHAT’S HAPPENING TODAY WITH EITHER SOCIETY OR OUR YOUNG PEOPLE THAT’S SO DIFFERENT FROM WHAT IT USED TO BE? I asked someone the other day and they blamed it on both parents working. I have to believe it’s more than that. Anyone?

  28. Suzanna says:

    MW: this is a 33-year old woman we are talking about here, not kids? And what do you mean she was that unbalanced? She was depressed on and off not committed to any psych wards or anything.

    • MW says:

      Suzanne, the comment about kids is separate from the story about Jane Bautista. I was just commenting on how many stories there are in the news about violent crimes committed by children. About Jane Bautista, When they interviewed one of the sons, and from what I read and other articles, they said she had a long history of mental illness and no one in the family wanted to acknowledge it/family members were embarrassed about it & did not want to have anything to do with the problem… This is just what I have read online. The sons made her sound like she was an extreme nutcase from day one and was extremely abusive and cruel. Whether this is true or not, I have no idea…that is just one side of the story. (In other words, some people want to make it sound like the kids were justified in what they did, which I don’t buy….because, as I said, it would have had to been WAAAY worse than what they portrayed on TV… Almost nothing can justify what they did.

  29. Suzanna says:

    She’s not found? What are you talking about?

    • MW says:

      Suzanne: I’m new here so forgive me if I don’t know the protocol. Regarding her head and hands, I was just asking whether those were recovered because I don’t recall….I don’t remember if they had kept her head and hands in the closet and if so, how could it not have an ODOR???

  30. Suzanna says:

    But Mandy has never been found. And I’ve never heard her brothers say she had a long history of mental illness. I don’t believe that’s true either. What I reacted to most and wondered about the most is that you say Mandy has been found?

    • MW says:

      Suzanne, I better find out who Mandy is. I thought the victim (mother) was Jane Bautista. I’ll doublecheck because I see and read so many stories about cases like these, I could have them mixed up….will check & get back here.

  31. Suzanna says:

    Please do! That’s a completely different case. I didn’t mean to sound rude you just surprised me.

  32. MW says:

    Suzanne, I don’t see the message about my post. Here is the problem: I did a Google search for the victim (Jane Bautista) I was looking for and got a hit for this website which I clicked on. I assumed it would take me to JANE’S story, instead it took me to THIS story..so sorry! However, not all is lost because I do recall hearing about Mandy disappearing this past Monday so I’ll have to get caught up on what’s going on with her! DISREGARD MY COMMENTS – related to victim, Jane Bautista & her 2 sons who killed her.

  33. Suzanna says:

    No worries! Well there has been no news about Mandy since she disappeared in 2007. There’s a good episode about it on ID Channel that you can watch. It’s called Dark ravine. Hope you will have a good day! Bless!

    • MW says:

      Suzanne: thank you so much! I look forward to finding out more about THIS case. As I said, there are so, so many disappearances (and subsequently, mostly violent crimes), that it’s sometimes easy to mix up details from one case with another. Here’s a strange case that happened near ME: a woman (a respected high school teacher, Nancy Seaman), claimed to have been abused by her husband. She killed him with a hatchet (MAY have had help from one of her sons/ don’t recall), and put the body (rolled up in a carpet) in the back of her vehicle. The police arrived at her home just as she was getting ready to drive away (to dispose of the body/some family members had asked police to do a “welfare check” on him after being unable to reach him). His body was immediately discovered and she was charged & convicted of his premeditated murder, as her image was discovered on Home Depot surveillance store cameras, buying the hatchet & other items needed for the crime. WHO WOULD HAVE GUESSED??? A well- liked, respected, high school teacher , living in Farmington Hills, Michigan, an upscale Detroit suburb, now remains in prison for the rest of her life. As several true crime TV shows imply, we never know (or can even GUESS) what goes on behind the proverbial “white picket fences”. I will pray for Mandy’s recovery & some peace for her family (I don’t use the word “closure” in conjunction with violent crimes. Closure implies “finality” which I’m sure there never is for family members of these victims.). Thank you for sharing & enlightening me, MW

  34. Kelly says:

    On the show there was the mention that the family checked Mandy’s apartment including the basement. I heard her brother Cody mention on the show that there was an incinerator in the apartment building. Was the incinerator ever checked for human remains? Seems like an easy way to dispose of a body. I was surprised nothing was mentioned about it being searched.

  35. BC says:

    Her brother is guilty, stealing money, not letting police into the apartment, saying it was a mild arguement, when neighbors say otherwise. Her brother the POS needs to come forward and man up to what he knows. He should do so sooner than later. It’s only a matter of time before he OD’s and the truth is lost.

  36. Ryan says:

    You know Im really sorry for the family! BUT if that family had any you know especially the other brother, the sober one, he should go to oklahoma & beat the bloody confession out of him. i hate cases like this, take this into your own hands. I mean if that was my sister & I found out my other bro stealing from her, then wouldnt let the police search the apartment… cmon man… It would of been on right there. All you have to do is get to that point in a real fight to where u might kill each other or he breaks & spills all. Or he didnt do it, but I wouldve pushed a physical altercation to that point of finding out. we do know what Oklahoma is good for right? Its only like the METH capital of america! Shame on the police & Shame on that other brother for not attempting an eye for an eye! & here the thing man, u KNOW your family, YOU KNOW when your family member is lying!!!! If this family wants answers they KNOW where to go, they just too scared to get the answers they already KNOW!

    • Tina says:

      Ryan, you’re likely referring to the brother on the “Disappeared” episode. There are actually a total of SEVEN brothers (including Aaron). Mandy was the eighth child and only girl. So if they followed your advice, the other SIX brothers could get together and descend upon Aaron. That could be powerful in extracting a confession or an admission of what he knows. I don’t think they’d even need to be overly aggressive. I think the emotional/mental pressure would be enough, if the Aaron still has a conscious.

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  39. Maryam says:

    Her friend said that she dreamed of her saying that why dont you look for me more and shes crying? In my religion we have somedreams means somthing and the reason she said that that means shes not buried shes not comfortable her soul has no where to rest … And thanx

  40. suzanna says:

    Yes. I’m sure she’s not buried and I’m sure she will be found.

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