Missing Monday: Alicia Amanda Stokes of Oakland, California

Alicia Amanda StokesAlicia Amanda Stokes, or Mandy as she preferred to be called, had argued with her brother on the morning of Saturday, November 25, 2007, but according to Aaron Stokes everything was fine when the 33 year-old psychology major left their apartment to run errands.

“I yelled from the shower ‘I love you …’ She just tapped on the door and said goodbye,” the 28-year-old Aaron man recalled.

Two days later, Mandy’s car was found locked and abandoned near a ravine on Park Boulevard. Her purse, containing her wallet, identification, iPod, and cell phone, was found in the vehicle. A check of cell phone records revealed Mandy had been talking with her boyfriend in New York while she would have been driving. Further investigation uncovered the call had been disconnected but investigators are unsure of whether it was because of disrupted service or the phone was turned off. The car’s battery was dead. It had been towed because it was blocking traffic.

In December 2007, investigators collected potential evidence which they believe indicates Mandy was murdered at the apartment. As a result, suspicion has fallen heavily on Mandy’s brother who was known to have a serious drug addiction problem at the time of Mandy’s disappearance. However, Aaron endured a nine hour interrogation with investigators and walked away a free man – as he still is today.

During a March 2010 interview, Deborah Murray, Mandy’s mother, stated, “No one has heard from or seen her since. There has been no activity on her cell phone or bank account. Up until she disappeared, we never went a day without talking unless she was camping or otherwise unavailable. It is not like her not to communicate with someone in the family, especially me, but not one person has seen or heard from her since the morning she went missing.”

Mandy is originally from North Carolina and had relocated to California to study psychology at John F. Kennedy University but had taken a semester off from school with the intent to relocate to the East coast to be closer to her boyfriend and mother. Mandy’s father had died four years prior to her disappearance and friends and family say she continued to grieve her father’s death at the time of her disappearance which, along with other personal issues, had lead to a “mental breakdown” but none believed it to be to the point of being suicidal.

If you have information about the disappearance or possible whereabouts of Alicia Amanda “Mandy” Stokes, please contact the Oakland Police Department at 510.238.3641.

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12 Responses to "Missing Monday: Alicia Amanda Stokes of Oakland, California"

  1. shayna says:

    Aaron MURDERED HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. shayna says:

    Spray luminol in the apt. Aaron murdered his sister there.

  3. Suzanna says:

    I have new info on this case that Oakland Police would not take seriously. How can I contact her mother or family?

  4. Kimberly says:

    Try Facebook under Mandy Stokes.
    Post the info there for the family to see.
    I am sure her Mother checks it daily.
    I would.
    I wish that a detective could manage to get Aaron to trip himself up. He did it and the people they were affiliated with in the drug world helped dispose of her.

  5. Chella says:

    Suzanna I wish you could share this new info with us!! I hope the find her and get the ppl who did this!!

  6. Nicky says:

    Gut feeling her own brother killed her. Tragic. So sad.

  7. Michelle says:

    This is disturbing. Just watched the ID show. What creeps me out I own a property on Hillsborough and Wesley, and live off East 18th! Scary…her brother needs to be pulled on the carpet more.
    Also, I never saw anything on the local news about this, but then again I was a full time working new mum. Just sickens me a bit

  8. Beetle says:

    I was reading where an Aaron Stokes was murdered in 2010. Is this her brother?

  9. Suzanna says:

    Yes Aaron is her brother. Stop blaming people like you are it’s disgusting.

  10. nancy says:

    Just watching the show now. Is aaron dead?


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