Adam (1983)

The abduction of Adam Walsh changed America forever. His story was told in the following emotion-provoking made-for-television movie:

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  2. Gina Garcia says:

    I have seen the movie one more time again and every time i see it, it still makes me feel the same way as i seen it the very first time, sad & scared for all children. We all need to find a better way to protect them from these predators, that they take the innocent away from family. I also showed this to my grandkids so that they can know, that there is danger out there and that to not talk to strangers and not to walk alone. As i see these pictures of the missing children i grieved with the parents that they are missing their loved ones, i tell my grandchildren never to say it can never happen to them and to always watch out what surrounds them and i wish i can work looking for these kids. – Gina Garcia

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